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FTD Updates - 1974 Rehearsal Tape

August 16, 2009 | Music

Ernst Jorgensen appeared on the Sirius Radio to inform fans about new releases. He did not give much information according to the posting on the FECC forum from a listener of the station and a p[oster who talked to Ernst jorgensen personally during ElvisWeek '09. He stated that he has 3 engeneers working on 3 different classic albums - not mentioning any title - but could not tell which one would be the first in line to be released. In two weeks he should announce a title for a Classic Album release. He revealed no new details or negative news on his personal SUN project (he is still in the writing process), the previously announced "30 CD Box" containing all of Elvis "masters", or the "On Tour" project which was announced two years ago.

Ernst Jorgensen did announce that the next FTD will be a 1974 rehearsals tape which engineers have "beefed it up". This tape was previously released on the DAE import release "From Sunset Boulevard to Paradise Road".

Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
Herman wrote on August 17, 2009
C'mon give us Elvis in Concert-the complete show with band intro's ! A rehearsal is always good, thanks Ernst !
Ton Bruins wrote on August 18, 2009
Another one that I will not buy. I have the bootleg for years nd the sound improvement leaves me totally cold. I will not buy the same twice, that's my policy.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on August 18, 2009
Maybe Ernst should quit and take up runnimg as a politician as you never get the answer to your questions,for someone who as trying to shut down the 'import' side of things he has not done much to bring out material that the import guys are?...look at the soon to be released Audionics cd....the sound on the 1974 rehearsal may have been 'beefed' up but is it enough to keep FTD in the money.Come on Ernst PLEASE listen to the fans you are suppose to be looking after and let's have something to match or surpass the im[port market......hey even the legendary SUN box-set would be nice?????.
pasa-ryu wrote on August 18, 2009
it will be a dream come true if RCA/FTD release the august 16th,1974 rca studio rehearsals "remasterded" and in better sound than the import album!!(i happen to own "Sunset Blvd To Paradise Rd" and its always been my personal fav doube cd set ever!!-elvis is really up for it at the august rehearsals and really did attempt to 'try out' a few diffferent songs in live performances in las vegas..the twlefth of never is awsome!)Sadelly;Elvis was 'Damned If You,Damned if You Dont" when you consider what the FANS wanted him to sing live on stage-they always wanted him to sing the "old songs",hence elvis was famous for handing out a box with the fans requests of waht sings they wanted him to sing on stage(they were always the old songs,.they wanted and demanded nothing new)My hat goes off to Elvis for even trying to introduce new songs to live repetoir!!...i am really looking foward to hearing a remastered&beefed up version of this classic 1974 rehearsal.(10/10)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on August 18, 2009
The rehearsal belongs on Ftd,as does On tour that were still waiting on,as for ernie,hes still very coy for someone who is suppose to be all about the fans,i personally dont know why they interview him but thats just my view!
Santa Claus wrote on August 19, 2009
If he has a far superior tape of the rehearsal, why did he use the bootleg for the 70s Masters and CD single release? And what about the other rehearsal from these days? There is paperwork in existance that states many unreleased songs from a second rehearsal (see Recording Sessions book by Tunzi).
Jerome-the-third wrote on August 19, 2009
Exactly Santa Claus, people hold your horses..
burninglove92 wrote on August 23, 2009
i can't wait for this release. i just wish all ftds came with a booklet with pictures and liner notes from the acutal date. i dont own this on bootleg so i will be definately buying