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Evergreen Love Songs

August 13, 2009 | Music

BMG India released a new promotional CD entitled "Evergreen Love Songs".


  1. Blueberry Hill
  2. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold
  3. Girl Of My Best Friend
  4. Because Of Love
  5. I Gotta Know
  6. The Girl Next Door
  7. Make Me Know It
  8. Flaming Star
  9. There's Gold In The Mountains
  10. Tonight's All Right For Love
Presleyville wrote on August 13, 2009
Unusual track listing for a "Love" song compilation!
Lou A wrote on August 14, 2009
I've always wondered why Ask Me, Indescribably Blue, Love Me Tonigh, Tender Feeling, and some others never make these Love Song compilations.
FJE wrote on August 14, 2009
Oh yeah, right. Flaming Star and There's Gold In The Mountains love songs?! In fact I would only count tracks 4 and 10 as (mediocre) love songs. I'm surprised they didn't include Hound Dog! Elvis did introduce it as "a tender love song..." in his Vegas Shows!