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Elvis Presley

August 03, 2009 | Book

The 384 book "Elvis Presley" will be released by the German Paragon-Verlag December 2009. This biography should contain over 400 unpublished photo's according to the press-release (ISBN: 1407580973).

Source:Elvis Club Berlin
JLpResLey wrote on August 03, 2009
It sounds good but I have my doubts. 400 unpublished photos, that´s a lot. These kind of biographies always seem to offer us pictures that we have not seen before. But really, it´s gotta end somewhere. If they are that rare, they would have been published before, right? Now, I don´t know what kinds of photos this book will give us, but it will be interesting and I´m looking forward to it
Rejane wrote on August 05, 2009
Me thinks 400 UN-Published photoes is a bit far fetched!
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 05, 2009
Who wrote their press release - Joe Tunzi?!?!? If this book has 400 unpublished photos I'll buy everyone here a drink.