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Elvis On Beatles Inspiration CD

August 05, 2009 | Other

The latest issue of the UK Uncut magazine, the Beatles special, comes with a free special themed CD; 'Pre-fabs: the songs that influenced John, Paul, George & Ringo'. This 15-track compilation includes Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard and Carl Perkins. See below for full track details.

The Beatles recorded and performed a sizeable clutch of songs by the US rock’n’roll/R’n’B artists who opened the door and influenced them as music-hungry teenagers growing up in ’50s Liverpool. Here, in their original versions, Uncut magazine presents 15 non-Lennon/McCartney compositions that soundtracked the birth of The Beatles more than half a century ago.

"Elvis Presley - "Baby Let’s Play House"

"Recorded in Memphis for Sun in ’55, this was the song that gave Elvis his first US chart entry. Lennon later borrowed the lyric “I’d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man,” for the opening line of “Run For Your Life” on Rubber Soul."

Source:Uncut Magazine
Greg Nolan wrote on August 06, 2009
They do some great work at the UNCUT magazine, which is on some select US newstands. And any time you can remind a Beatles fan that the Fab Four themselves actually LIKED Elvis, that's a good thing!
Steve Morse wrote on August 07, 2009
Can't see the "full track details" !