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Elvis Holds UK eBay Bidding Record

August 02, 2009 | Book

In the Sun newspaper is an interesting piece about e-bay UK, listing various highlights since it started in 1999. A gold edition of the Elvis "Graceland" DVD is the most popular item ever sold on the site. In 2004 it recieved 3,668 bids. Finally selling at £71.

Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
tuscanresident wrote on August 03, 2009
As if we didnt know it!!!! But it makes you think that 32 years later Elvis's music and life are still wanted by the public. For example look at other greats Rodgers, Crosby, Sinatra, Williams (Hank), Jolson, they dont generate such interest. yet our boy does and con inues to do.
Hans Otto wrote on August 03, 2009
This has to be a typo. 3668 bids on one single item, and then ending with a winning bid of only GBP 71.00?! What kind of bid increases were those folks doing - rising the bid with less than one penny each time...? ;o)