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Content ELV1S 30 #1 Hits Collector's Crate

August 08, 2009 | Music

Here is the package for the Special Collector's Crate re-issue of the "ELV1S 30 #31 Hits" compilation. The CD contains the standard 31 songs as previous releases of this compilation.

All T-Shirt fans can pre-order their shirt as of today :-)

The product-description:

CD+ T-Shirt+Crate= Must Have Fan Pack!

With a CD, artist t-shirt and custom storage crate, each Limited Edition Collector's Crates package is a fun-filled fan experience that's priced right and time perfectly for the 2009 holiday gift-giving season!


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Mofoca22 wrote on August 09, 2009
i ike that the crate could be useful for storing my many elvis records and cds in and the t-shirt i can wear and listen to the cd. thats a heck of a deal there. they should do more things like that
Jim Hoff wrote on August 09, 2009
Love the t-shirt ;-)
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 09, 2009
Yet another rip-off to scam loot from the loons.
Jerome-the-third wrote on August 09, 2009
well that is what we call good taste..
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on August 09, 2009
this is not a rip-off in any way. that t-shirt looks great. and that crate is wonderful too. this is certainly good taste
FJE wrote on August 09, 2009
Yes, but I already have two versions of the CD (Digipack and DVD-Audio) so can I have the T-Shirt and the crate for free? Thought so!!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on August 09, 2009
yes just the t-shirt and the crate would be fine because i allready have the dvd-audio and Digipack as well,i see your point
JAG wrote on August 09, 2009
Recently there was a Bob Dylan CD packaged in the same manner = CD, T-shirt & crate. However, the crate was made of a very cheap grade of plastic. Hopefully, the Elvis crate will be better. (Probably not).
John4126 wrote on August 09, 2009
So the morale seems to be, if you want a fun filled life - get yourself a crate!! If anyone wants to get me a crate - please fill it with beer.
Steve V wrote on August 09, 2009
Ive seen these types of packages in stores. Its gimmicky marketing to sell CDs which cant seem to sell much on their own anymore. After all, you cant get a T-shirt from iTunes.
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 09, 2009
Pap, pap, pap for the lunatic fringe to buy - the ones EPE love so dearly. Buy one today and help pay for Cilla's next facelift. Just don't go expecting a deluxe DVD release of 'Elvis In Concert' because they can sell far more copies of pap like this. Roll up! Roll up! Get your pap here and help make Elvis a laughing stock.
theoldscudder wrote on August 09, 2009
Strictly for suckers. And there are plenty of those around.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on August 10, 2009
well i'm not one of those suckers believe me and Steve the cd ELV1S 30 #31 Hits has the gold and platinum status, so obviously it does sell and still does no offense offcourse
Ruthie wrote on August 10, 2009
Well, it certainly didn't take long for this site to be back up & running (for which we are so glad) before the reguar "whinners & complainers" to start in again. Just because you already have the music & have had it for years is no reason someone else shouldn't buy it. I happened to see this CD crate set in one of our local Target stores. I didn't buy it because I already have it but I did notice a couple people purchasing it. Whether they bought it for the music or for the packaging should be of no concern to you or me. They bought it because they wanted to. It's their money, not yours or mine. What they purchase doesn't make them stupid or any of the other adjectives you probably have for them. It's their money & their business. If it introduces Elvis to new people, that is what should count.
Kenneth wrote on August 10, 2009
very well said Ruthie, very well.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on August 10, 2009
i agree with Kenneth when i see this set i will probably buy it again,but like Ruthie said you r no sucker for doing so neither are the people who buy it who didn 't have the cd allready i'm not a negative person Ruthie so i totally agree with you, so again Ruthie well said : )
circleG wrote on August 10, 2009
better than a duck though - quack! crate seems a bit small though, i was expecting a huge thing for all my elvis Cd's!
dgirl wrote on August 10, 2009
Jesse - Of course the CD is platinum. It sold tons years ago when it came out. But its a different world today. CDs dont sell. If this crate makes it sell more, fine. I dont see the negativity when people are stating the obvious. It is a marketing ploy to keep it selling if possible, nothing more. And Ruthie, if this was a 100% postive site about every product, every song, every concert Elvis gave, what would be the point for folks to express their opinion? It would be a pretty boring site. I like to hear people's different opinion and not see everything Elvis did as 100% great(which is the case). There are probably other sites to go to if you require that.
tuscanresident wrote on August 10, 2009
I agree with Ruthie too. If it ever came my way I'd buy it. Sure I've got all the music, but by the same token everyone who buys every concert is buying the same songs over and over again. Different things suit different folk. More Importanly, if one newcommer to Elvis' music buys it then surely its worth being out there? Not suckers just folk who like different things.
theoldscudder wrote on August 10, 2009
Yeh, like I said there are plenty of suckers around. Thanks for making my point.
theoldscudder wrote on August 10, 2009
Steve V, What they don't get this is not an indictement against Elvis but the greed the companies are showing, and the hubress shown towards the fans. But then maybe it's a good thing , you know helping out the economy. By the way what is the crate for? Is it a nicknack? Do you store your Elvis cd's in it? What if you accidently put a non Elvis cd in it? Does it come with an alarm?This is why many considers the Elvis fans to be a laughingstock. And I'm a fan. But this is just a marketing ploy. Right now they are thinking of other schemes (maybe a fishbowl or the like) to repackage it in a another year.
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 10, 2009
Some people will buy ANYTHING. That's why EPE loves the loons. 1) A CD that you've probably already got. 2) A t-shirt that you could probably buy cheaper elsewhere. 3) A plastic crate with Elvis' name on it. For what? "Gee, look at me! I've got a plastic crate with Elvis' name on it! Tomorrow I'm going to buy a commemorative plate because you get a free cardboard cut-out of Graceland with it. Next week I'm getting sectioned."
Ruthie wrote on August 11, 2009
Well, you can revert to your childish name calling all you want. This particular loon & sucker has the music & wouldn't buy it either. However, if this stupid consumer was attracted to an Elvis CD for the first time, I may very well buy it (not having all of your expertise & knowledge). As a matter of fact, I have bought CD's & books I never would have noticed if it wasn't for the packaging. Don't be so critical - the world doesn't revolve around you or your taste in music - thankfully.
Ruthie wrote on August 11, 2009
Just to clarify: You didn't read what I wrote. I never said I have a problem with different opinions. That is the reason for this forum. I simply stated I have a problem with resorting to name calling by those who feel everyone should think like they do. If you already have the music & you wouldn't buy it, that's fine. Most of us have just about everything. This stuff isn't marketed for us. There is always a new market or group out there & you'd better offer something to catch the eye with all the competition. It's also called free enterprise or to quote my old Economics instructor, it's all about money. No one is making you spend yours.
Jerome-the-third wrote on August 11, 2009
For heaven's crate, uh I mean sake, just let people with an exclusive taste buy this fan pack! Nothing wrong with it..
theoldscudder wrote on August 11, 2009
The company is making a joke of Elvis. A crate & teashirt? Who else gets this treatment? Somewhere the Col. is looking up & laughing with PT Barnum.
Steve V wrote on August 11, 2009
The company (& the Colonel) has made Elvis products for the last 30 some odd years that have made a joke of what Elvis stood for in music. Have we forgotten the Elvis garbage can from Boxcar, Elvis wine, countless compilations, etc? The marketing of Elvis (especially after 1977) rivals no one in bad taste.
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 11, 2009
It has nothing to do with name calling, Ruthie. I'm just stating the facts. There are (and always have been) the 'normal' people and the 'loons'. The 'loons' are the ones who buy pap like this, which in turns means that such pap continues to be churned out. If the 'loons' did't buy it, it wouldn't come out. The 'normal' fans are the ones who buy the quality stuff and wouldn't touch garbage like this with a barge pole. By quality stuff I mean things like the new 'Vegas '69' book or the FTD releases. The 'loons' would rather go for crates with t-shirts in them. That's why there's so much garbage in the Elvis World.
dgirl wrote on August 11, 2009
And dont forget Harvey, the most sales from a product like this are not going to be from 'newbies' but from fans that already have these songs a billion times over. I dont know if I'd call them loonies or suckers, just ;strange' for wanting to buy this because of a crate or t-shirt when as you say, there are many qualiity products out there. The 69 Vegas book is about the best product to come out this year. It's really worth having if you are a fan. But one quality product like that equals about 10 crappy products in ratio. It's sad.
sitdown68 wrote on August 12, 2009
next year we'll get a remastered crate out of the best plastic ever...ah, what about a nice addtional roll of wastebags?
tuscanresident wrote on August 12, 2009
I am always amazed by thsoe who 'have everything' and then decry those who dont. Suckers, idiots, Not at all, just folks wanting Elvis' music. (this time with a crate and tee shirt) perhaps its best if those who do have everything, including toe nail clipings, kept their sarcasm to themselves and let true fans have their say. Suckers, idiots, will buy what they want Not what is dicated by 'blowhards'
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 12, 2009
'True fans' - crate collectors?
jean michel wrote on August 12, 2009
Nobody is obliged to buy this item. It is just a gimmick to continue selling a product that has been available for quite a while. I would not be surprised if it was to be repackaged in a tin can (& a new candle !) for xmas ( & that's only an option !).