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Complete Cover Art California Wave

August 07, 2009 | Music

This is the complete cover art for the new Memory Records CD from the Czech Elvis Presley fan club.

The CD, entitled "California Wave", contains an audience recording of Elvis evening show performance as recorded at the Long Beach Arena, California on April 25,1976 plus several bonus songs from March 19, 1976 as recorded at Johnson City, Tennessee.

theoldscudder wrote on August 08, 2009
Just awful. I rather listen to the laundry dry. And the cover.....
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on August 08, 2009
well hello there mr.negative, not agreeing with you whatsoever. cd looks great
elvis sweden wrote on August 08, 2009
I have it cd and cover are great, but the sound is for me below average.A nice show thou. Elvis feels strong in his voice.
Steve V wrote on August 08, 2009
The oldscudder is being truthful in his feelings, not negative. This is an awful cover. If you think Elvis looks good here, you are delusional. As for the show, couldn't care less.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on August 08, 2009
ok elvis didn't looked at his best on this cover so what, still a nice cover anyhow looking at the pictures he sure had a great time and yess his voice is awesome here. as for being delusional, i'm not. just not everyone shares the same opinion, as for the show i DO care.. it's elvis, nice reaction Elvis Sweden
Ruthie wrote on August 09, 2009
I can see I haven't missed much being off of this site. I did miss the site & glad you are back on. Otherwise, I guess some things will never change.
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 09, 2009
Yes, some things will never change. Like some fans thinking CDs like this are worth having. Awful pictures and a show that's best forgotten about. Listen to his best records instead.
Jerome-the-third wrote on August 09, 2009
Some people do enjoy audience recordings. So c'mon have some pity on collectors!..
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on August 09, 2009
well i don't need pity from anyone. every fan has his own thing, i do listen to elvis's other albums studio recordings etc. but i guess the negative vibe will remain on this site. best for me just to ignore it. and how i lead my life is for me to decide
Hans Otto wrote on August 09, 2009
This may not be the most interesting concert by Elvis, but I do welcome this release as it's the first bootleg CD ever from this short 1976 tour. Besides FTD's "America" released last year, there are in fact no other CD's from that tour. Live Elvis CD's have both musical and historic value, and sometimes more historic value than pure musical listening pleasure. As a collector of Elvis CD's I'm therefore glad they released this one.
Ronaldv wrote on August 09, 2009
I just listened to this cd, amazing versions of how great thou art and America the beautiful! The bonus songs from Johnson City March 19 1976 are great, stero sound and a steamin' Polk salad annie! You can say what you want, but this label is doing their best to release 'new' concerts. Hans: Live in kansas city from april 21st and live in Denver april 23rd are released too from this short tour, however only on cdr, but worthwile.
Loesje wrote on August 09, 2009
Jesse Garon Presley: check your email on this site!!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on August 09, 2009
i just did and i understand and i will keep it to reading from now on much more enjoyable
John4126 wrote on August 09, 2009
Hans Otto - There are two boots i'm aware of from this tour - the DAE release Holding back the years - Mar 21 in Cincinnati - great punchy sound and Running for president the 20th Mar show from Charlotte. A couple of tracks from the Johnson city show of 17 mar also appeared on Luxor's Southbound.
John4126 wrote on August 09, 2009
Hans Otto - apologies - misread that this is from the april tour.