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Memories Of Elvis

July 24, 2009 | Book

The 88 pages book "Memories Of Elvis" by Terri Cluff and Beckylyn Sheely collected the memories of Elvis Presley from ordenary people on the street. The book is published by Publish America.

From the publisher:

While talking to ordinary people, we asked a simple question, “What are your memories of Elvis?” The responses varied greatly. Some people got excited about the topic and others went into deep thought.

Some people spoke off the cuff and their responses were funny or even odd, while others answered after having thought it through. Several people commented about the mystery of his death. We took these ideas and made them our own by writing journal and diary entries from them. They came from people of all walks of life—young and old.

We believe that he is truly still alive in our hearts, minds, and souls and culture. We are not ready to let him go as an American icon. After all, we do see him all the time. He was even recently on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Source:Elvis Club Berlin