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Elvis 1956

July 24, 2009 | Book

The book "Elvis 56" is a new book with the pictures of Alfred Wertheimer. It is due for release from Wecome books November 2009. The text of the 128 pages haed cover book is written by E. Warren Perry, Jr. and Amy Henderson with an introduction by Chris Murray. It retails for  US$29.95. (ISBN: 978-1-59962-073-2 (1-59962-073-1)).

Source:Random House
sitdown68 wrote on July 24, 2009
photographywise it is a similarly outstanding oeuvre as "the americans" by robert frank. with the only difference that it is focussing on an american artist in the making. the photographs are superb in their formal composition using very limited available light sometimes. as a photoamateur today I would enjoy that book for its artistical standard. chapeau, mr. wertheimer.
dunking wrote on July 27, 2009
what ! has alfred found a load more unpublished photos or is this another rehash of the books we've already got ? talk about milking it !
Steve V wrote on July 28, 2009
I'm sure he is milking it , much the way he has been since Aug 16th 1977. Look at the cover photo. You've seen it many times before. Elvis at 21 is all you should ever need.