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30 #1 Hits and 2nd. To None Re-issues

July 24, 2009 | Music

These are the packages of the Blu-Spec re-issues of the "30 #1 Hits" and "2nd. To None" greatest hits complilations whicht were released by BMG Japan on July 28, 2009. The Blue Spec format takes Blu-ray disc technology to create CD's which are compatible with normal CD players but provides ultra high quality sound. 


The "30 #1 Hits" compilation will be re-issued on by Sony Legacy as a "Limited Edition Collector's Cradle" on August 18, 2009. 

Description: CD+ T-Shirt+Crate= Must Have Fan Pack! With a CD, artist t-shirt and custom storage crate, each Limited Edition Collector's Crates package is a fun-filled fan experience that's priced right and time perfectly for the 2009 holiday gift-giving season!

drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on July 26, 2009
Just when i finish getting all 15 volumes in the new, now old SHM cds they go out and bring out Blue spec? the audio on the SHM was awesome and delivered clarity and pure sound that is as good as it comes. now Blue spec?? will wait for feedback before i spend money on these but eventually they will end up on my wish list.
Musicwizard wrote on July 27, 2009
I Just got the 2nd to none on Blu-Spec and when I put it in my cd player which is on my surround sound system it sounded pretty good very clear and clean, so I figured what would happen if I put into my $1500.00 Pioneer Blu Ray player, OH MY GOD, I was blown away, I taught that 30 # 1 audio dvd sounded good.....for me it doesn't compare to this one, I have just ordered the 30 # 1 on Blu spec, can't wait for that to come in. I wrote to the company that puts out these Blu spec cd's and begged them to come out with the From Elvis In Memphis new 2 cd set in Blu Spec, that would be awesome.
bajo wrote on July 28, 2009
Does the #1 hits still include the orginal or the corrected versions of A Fool Such As I, Suspicious Minds and The Wonder Of You?