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Elvis' Cadillac Found?

July 17, 2009 | Other

A Punta Gorda auto shop says they recently found an interesting item in an old beat up car they were working on. It may be evidence that the car belonged to Elvis Presley. While working on a 1958 Cadillac at Nick's Custom Trims, workers uncovered a gold plate on an ash tray mounted in the back seat.

"My brother in law Paul was in the process of disassembling the interior, taking parts out, and we came across this backrest ashtray. Now from the way it looks, everything is factory original, and this car was ordered with this plaque engraved with Elvis Presley's name on it. So we're in the middle of calling Graceland and checking the VIN numbers and everything, to verify if this was Elvis's missing '58 Cadillac," says John Castelli from Nick's Custom Trims.

Shop managers say the car owner, who wants to remain anonymous for now, had no idea the Elvis-engraved ash tray was there, but is in the process of researching the car's history