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Twenty Days & Nights

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, July 02, 2009 | Music

The second release in Audionics’ “missed chance by International”-series, is the August 12, 1970 Dinner Show. Is it as good as its predecessor?


The design is as good as Stranger in the Crowd, but the booklet is missing. Well, I guess I’m just spoilt by all those recent bootleg releases. The fold out digipack counts three panels, mostly filled with pictures of the actual show. No complaints here.


The show has some highlights (I’ve Lost You, Patch It Up, Twenty Days And Twenty Nights, You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ and Bridge Over Troubled Water to name a few), but also some disappointments. The messing up of one of my all time favs, I Just Can’t Help Believin’ is the biggest, but also the sound on stage is not as good as other shows. Not the sound of the CD, that is perfect, but sometimes the sound on stage is a bit messy (Polk Salad Annie). Another minor (for listening pleasure) is the version of Love Me Tender, which is way too long. Maybe fun if you actually watch it, but not on CD. But for completeness' sake it belongs here. On some songs Elvis’ voice is pretty loud (Heartbreak Hotel and I Just Can’t Help Believin’).

Reading the paragraph above back, I sound pretty negative… strange, since I didn’t have that feeling while listening to the disc the first time. I guess it is like the more you get, the more you complain… Well, I hope I can complain a few more times on 1970 material. Gladly Audionics announced the next one (Something, Aug. 11 D.S.) already.

I rather pay for these quality releases than following the shameful action by International. Those people should have replaced the defective CDs from the box set by correct versions, like FTD did when they really messed up (also not often enough ;-)). Besides, downloading, cutting the wav up in tracks and burning it is way too much work, the time it takes is more expensive than paying for the Audionics releases.


Thanks Audionics for bringing what others forgot! It’s certainly not the best TTWII-show I have, but great for the collection and it will certainly have its occasional spin in the future.

Greg Nolan wrote on July 04, 2009
We're going to miss these reviews, Lex...even when they were controversial, they were great conversation pieces. And this is the best line of this review: "Besides, downloading, cutting the wav up in tracks and burning it is way too much work, the time it takes is more expensive than paying for the Audionics releases." Ain't that the Ever-lovin' Truth! It was comedic and a bit sad to see all the downloaders invading the sites for a while. What a lot of production when you can just try to get the superior "real" CDs. Looking forward to the next one!
elvistruth wrote on July 24, 2009
Sound on Audionics TTWII concert releases is far superior than FTD "The Wonder of You" in terms of warmer sound, more analogue and clarity of Elvis voice, more upfront. So please release all six performances in these series if it's possible!
eric c wrote on July 24, 2009
another massive home run.I love their cover designs.
Little_Darlin wrote on July 24, 2009
Love it! I, too, would LOVE to see Audionics release all of the TTWII shows. They know how to produce an excellent product, both in the packaging and the content.
burninglove92 wrote on July 24, 2009
if ftd really want to up there gain then when ernst and other people announce future elvis releases on elvis week they need to announce a ftd boxset of all the TTWII shows with a 200 page booklet and be doine with it. then us fans should all get rid of one night in vegas, the wonder of you, liv ein las vegas set and SE TTWII. i would be happy to do that, if ftd do that then no bootleg can release a TTWII show again. problem solved. FTD DO IT!!
sitdown68 wrote on July 25, 2009
ftd boxset with complete TTWII shows...how many fans will be able to afford that if single CD's and book were at about $ 60+ (One Night in Vegas). This would mean to have 200 to 300 bucks left to spend. anyone? Very unlikely. Better they would dedicte a span of two years to complete releases of any shows as TTWII. My idea.
Orion wrote on July 26, 2009
I agree with eric c when he called this another "home run" from audionics. It is a great sounding disc, with a stellar performance from Elvis. Although, I must agree with Lex in that I've become spoiled by the amazing liner notes from the first set. They were as accurate and detailed as any that I've ever read. Exhaustively researched and presented - for which I am grateful. too bad there isn't a set with this CD. That's not a complaint as the CD is perfectly mastered, and not to be missed. Thank you Audionics.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 28, 2009
Sitdown,the price of live in la has went up at elvis.com to $85 without postage,a set of the aug 1970 would have made sence,but i now just pick and hcoose my Ftd's,i know they are not gonna change there ways,this release is indeed a great one,great entertaining show,only thing missing is that great booklet we now expect with all releases from these guys!
Greg Nolan wrote on August 16, 2009
A big sale there this weekend ....