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Elvs Tops Yates's Customers Wish List

June 28, 2009 | Book

Elvis Presley has topped the list of guests young people would like to invite to their birthday party, according to a poll by pub group Yates's. The King of Rock and Roll was closely followed by family members, mothers and stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Beyonce.

Yates's chose to celebrate its 125th birthday by asking customers who they would most like to see at their own birthday parties and what their ideal presents would be.

George Wright, head of marketing for Yates's said: "We asked our customers to list the three people they would like to invite to their own party the list was wide ranging and included great musicians, comedians, movie stars and even the good Lord himself."

The survey shows that the majority of women would rather have the company of their boyfriend than heart throbs such as Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp, with the men preferring the company of sporting stars and comedians.

A holiday was the most popular birthday present with 30 per cent of the vote, followed by a party at 15 per cent and a car at 12 per cent.

Some customers had more imaginative suggestions such as a magic lamp containing a Genie, a drunkometer to control your actions when you have been drinking and a mini me.

Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum