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Elvis 1970

June 29, 2009 | Music

On the FECC another "That's The Way It Is"  set showed up. According to the flyer the eight disc set - 7 CDs and 1 DVD - entitled "Elvis 1970" is limited to 500 copies and comes with a 14 pages booklet with the complete tracklistings.

It contains soundboard recordings of:

  • CD 1. Rehearsal at MGM Soundstage Culver City July 15, 1970
  • CD 2. Live At The Hilton, Las Vegas, August 11, 1970 Dinner Show
  • CD 3. Live At The Hilton, Las Vegas, August 12, 1970 Dinner Show
  • CD 4. Live At The Hilton, Las Vegas, August 13, 1970 Dinner Show
  • CD 5. Live At The Hilton, Las Vegas, August 14, 1970 Dinner Show
  • CD 6 + 7. Rehearsal At RCA Studios, Hollywood, CA. July 24, 1970
  • DVD: Three Different Graceland Documentaries
Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
burninglove92 wrote on June 29, 2009
Not another 1!!!! We've had this all before, on offical and unoffical, i know half of the that's the way it is material has been released, but why can;t ernst and the ftd team listen to us and release a ftd special box, which has all that's the way it is shows, and rehearsals. all complete, lets be honest, one night in vegas wasn't complete the yedited out the intros, the concert on that;s the way it is special wasn't complete they edited out elvis walking in the audience. we only have one true complete concert and that;s from live in las vegas box. please just release them has a whole, which a flashy 200 page booklet. please do it!!!
livingstonsn wrote on June 30, 2009
And you want to hear Elvis walking through the audience because....????
Jerome-the-third wrote on June 30, 2009
limited edition, well that should increase the price I gues..
burninglove92 wrote on June 30, 2009
Because iam a completist
Herman wrote on June 30, 2009
You're right burninglove92, I love it also complete. I don't understand why they edited out some things, it's only a few minutes. Just release the shows complete !
sitdown68 wrote on June 30, 2009
if these are soundboards, is the August 14 dinner show the one with Oh Happy Day on it, as formerly known from the command performance LP? I thought, official recording ended August 13th...but I guess, soundboards they did of about every show, as a kind of an acoustic blue print...
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 30, 2009
Well at least this time around they have put a really nice cover to this issue and not made a complete hash like the last couple of box-sets?. Again one for the people who need it?? and there sure are a lot of TTWII box sets to get material from over the last couple of months.About time we had a really good set from official sources be it cds/dvds and them we can put this to rest.If only we had as many releases for 'ON TOUR'.........So all you importers out there and i know you follow certain sites get to work on something else???.........and please get your info right.?
schemies wrote on June 30, 2009
Again & again ... I really like this stuff, but I surely can wait for the official release. I have heard the download versions of the August 12 DS: It is quite good, but still miles away of what a mix from the multitrack master can do. I say "can", since I am not sure what the new FTD will sound like, but going by the engineers reputation, it will be fantastic. And why should FTD release the rehearsals again, you could by them many times before. First I would like to have all 3 missing shows recorded for Elvis On Tour, and maybe the "mock" session complete. RCA/FTD/Sony does not have the rehearsals in better quality, so they should first stick to their multirtack masters of concerts before they release anything else.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 01, 2009
I agree about the on tour shows,there one of the few things im interested in,the others being opening & closing night shows from jan & feb 1970,On stage classic album release,but i do think Ftd should release a rehearsal set,many dont buy or cant find imports!
burninglove92 wrote on July 01, 2009
Completely agree with mature, i really want on stage classic album and a double set of opening and closing nights 1970 with a booklet, similar to dixieland land delight and nevada nights. Please release on tour shows, as a whole or even in twos like dixieland delight and nevada nights. and please release the rest of the that's the way it is shows and rehearsals. also the on tour rehearasals would be great released as a whole.
circleG wrote on July 02, 2009
burninglove i'm with you but sadly when it comes to rehearsals sonyBMG just don't have the bottle to release them unedited which makes the bootlegs more appealing. I agree that concerts should be unedited if they want us to stay away from bootlegs
sitdown68 wrote on July 02, 2009
sorry if I come back again: is the 14th august dinner show the one who contains "Oh Happy Day"...anyone? Or was that the evening show? Thxs
burninglove92 wrote on July 02, 2009
sitdown68. the show that contains oh happy day, along with other raritys such as you dont know me, folsom prison blues and walk the line are indeed the midnight show.
sitdown68 wrote on July 02, 2009
thank you so much, burninglove92. Is there a faint possibility of a soundboard? Or was Felton Jarvis asleep at the time? ;-)
Ciscoking wrote on July 03, 2009
Now it is beginning to be boring..forget this C-R-A-P.....just out for a quick buck..!! There is n o DS from 14.8.70.. bad research..we have a MS as released on Oh HAppy Day..audience recording..
Ciscoking wrote on July 03, 2009
Just saw it on the back cover..they indeed list the MS from August 14,..so a typo by the admins..?
burninglove92 wrote on July 03, 2009
it isnt bad research elvis did two shows on august 14th 1970, a evening show at 8.30 and a midnight show. so this show could be the midnight show or the evening show. or like you said a typo
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 03, 2009
There is no reason for Ftd to not release complete rehearsal,there a collectors label,if they can release complete loving you sessions(boring in my view) then they can release Elvis rehearsals in full!
burninglove92 wrote on July 03, 2009
completely agree with mature, ftd is supposed to be a collectors label, release a full rehearsal. ftd need to up their game when comparing to some bootleggers. i think all ftd's should come with booklet with lil info on the show and pics from it. and why cnt opening night and closing night be fully re-mixed and released as a double set. so many people want it. and for on stage classic album it needs to be exactly like elvis in person, original album on 1st disc and on 2nd a complete january or febuary 1970 performance.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 03, 2009
Burning love i like how dixlieland delight had a booklet yet with wonder of you its back to the old ways for Ftd,with no mention as to why they dont include booklets, Ftds needs some work,as great as it is, it needs an upgrade of its own,i agree about On STage its one of the classic albums id buy,in my view movie soundtrack should not have been put on Ftd,just best of outtakes cd's,also about time for Ftd to tackle some of the On Tour shows,first up how about a double set with Hampton roads and richmond,whos with me?
burninglove92 wrote on July 04, 2009
yes completely agree mature, i have waited for on tour shows for soooo long, i have listened to san antonio 18th april for sooo long. FTD you realy need to realease on tour shows, double pack with hamton roads, and richmond and double pack with san antino and offical release of greensboro. and i was thinking of a madison square garden classic album release, with brand new updated clear sound and the afternoon performance and if there was a 3 concert recorded as a package.