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Inside Jailhouse Rock - The Sequel

June 23, 2009 | Book

Elvis Unlimited announced their next project: Inside Jailhouse Rock - The Sequel, this is what the club announced in the press-release:

"Why the sequel, you ask? Well, Inside Jailhouse has already been done by the legendary Ger Rijff. The "Inside" series was also created by Ger Rijff. His "Inside" titles include Inside King Creole, Inside Loving You and Inside Jailhouse Rock. Therefore, an "Inside" book is incomplete without it's creator, Ger Rijff. So in cooperation with Ger Rijff, we have decided to do the sequel to Inside Jailhouse Rock.

Inside Jailhouse Rock - The Sequel will follow the typical format of our Inside series which will be a limited edition box set including a book, DVD, vinyl record, and much more. Inside Jailhouse Rock – The Sequel is an Elvis Unlimited Productions written by Megan Murphy, concept by Ger Rijff, designed by Kenneth Dokkeberg, published by Henrik Knudsen.

Highly notable Elvis collectors including Sherif Hanna, one of the world's top Elvis collectors and historians, Ger Rijff, creator of the "Inside" series, Todd Slaughter, president of The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club Of Great Britain, Chris Giles, publisher of Inside Loving You & owner of The Elvis Shop, The United Elvis Presley Society; Carlos Ares, President of the fan club in Argentina and Expert on Elvis vinyl, and countless more have contributed incredible material for this project. "

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Ronaldv wrote on June 23, 2009
WOW! That's the best Elvis news I've read since a long time. The inside jailhouse rock book from Rijff is one of the books I'm looking for for ages, so this is a very, very WELCOME addition to my collection!
theoldscudder wrote on June 23, 2009
Big price ='s big ripoff.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 24, 2009
They should forget about the so-called 'extras' like the DVD, 45 and so on. It only hikes up the price. And anyway, it won't be anywhere near as good as Ger Rijff's original book. That's a classic. This will just be the usual collection of stuff with text 'borrowed' from the Internet Movie Data Base.
schemies wrote on June 24, 2009
As far as I can tell I have the same opinion as Harvey Alexander. I have 3 other "Inside" editions, but I only take a look at the book, the DVD is just too short and I have no use for vinyl at all. Why don't they sell the book alone? And I need no "limited edition" here.
japio wrote on June 24, 2009
I have also the first volumes. And i also skip this one . But it also a very difficult to collect "unreleased" things from the first movies.On the other side it is not much for the price you have to pay .But it is not fair to compaire it with the Inside of Ger Rijff.That one is awesome. Like all of his books