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Elvis In Gold Trailer

June 27, 2009 | Book

The latest project from JAT Publishing, Elvis In Gold", is scheduled for release in about 4 weeks. There's a trailer available on YouTube for this project.

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Steve Morse wrote on June 27, 2009
If the majority of the pictures are in b&w (yes I know that colour photography was not prevalent in the 50s), then maybe it should be sub-titled, in brackets, " and Elvis In Silver" !
Steve V wrote on June 27, 2009
The trailer shows a few color photos, so is this a tease or false advertising? I'd need to know that before ordering. Don't want a book filled with B&W photos for the Tunzi price. But then again, B&W onstage 50's photos are always better than color jumpsuit 70's photos!
sitdown68 wrote on June 27, 2009
well, I'd go for that silverline on the horizon then...
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on June 27, 2009
It's about time we devoted fans were given the early concerts to show all the world what this man was all about & not the caped crusader that most know. We have been starved for too long,particlarly in the UK.
NONE000000 wrote on June 28, 2009
Those few seconds of video were amazing! I mean, besides all the still shots---I had never seen the footage. Wow.
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 29, 2009
I think there are about five photos in the trailer I'd never seen before. I'll buy it if it's $10.