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Twenty Days & Nights

June 15, 2009 | Music

Due for release from the Audionics label is the follow-up to "Stranger In The Crowd" entitled "Twenty Days & Nights". It contains the August 12, 1970 Dinner Show as recorded live at the International Hotel showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. The running time of this release is 73:59 minutes.

The label also announced the upcomming release "Something" containing the August 11, 1970 Dinner Show in full stereo.

The press-release:

The follow-up release to "Stranger In The Crowd" by Audionics label is entitled "Twenty Days & Nights" and contains the excellent August 12, 1970 dinner show. The first outing of this recording as part of boxed set called "TTWII - The Complete Works" was presented only in mono sound.

As all the other shows recorded during the first week of his third appearance at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, Elvis performance was brilliant and featured many highlights such as; Ive Lost You, I Just Cant Help Believin, Patch It Up, You Dont Have To Say You Love Me and Bridge Over Troubled Water to name a few.

"Twenty Days & Nights" is in full stereo sound, complete and taken from original mastertape. As its predecessor there is no noise, balance of instruments and voices are excellent too. This release will be presented in a beautiful 3-panel digipack and accompanying photographs taken from the actual show .

Fans will be able to enjoy another great performance the way it was recorded in August 1970. If you enjoyed our previous release then "Twenty Days & Nights" is not to be missed!! Coming very soon from the same label, "Something" featuring the August 11, 1970 Dinner Show also in full stereo.


01. Opening Vamp / That's All Right, Mama
02. I Got A Woman
03. Monologue #1
04. Hound Dog
05. Instrumental Intermezzo /Monologue #2
06. Heartbreak Hotel
07. Monologue #3
08. Love Me Tender (with false start)
09. I've Lost You
10. I Just Cant Help Believin
11. Patch It Up
12. Monologue #4
13. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
14. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
15. Polk Salad Annie
16. Band Introductions
17. Blue Suede Shoes
18. You Dont Have To Say You Love Me
19. Bridge Over Troubled Water
20. Suspicious Minds
21. Can't Help Falling In Love

Sirbalkan wrote on June 15, 2009
Enough for 1970.....Aaaaaaaa !!!!!!
ttwiise wrote on June 15, 2009
you can never have enough of 1970 it was one of the best years and no year after was anywhere near as good. I am happy to have these shows in such good quality it beats any of the later 70's shows by a country mile. It's a shame that ftd can't do things as good as the bootleggers. the label after all is a collectors label and we should have had a box set of all the August 1969 and August 1970 shows already.
theoldscudder wrote on June 15, 2009
I guess you can't kill off the cockroach or these redundant shows. Both will go on forever.
Ciscoking wrote on June 15, 2009
For those who missed the box a must-have,...for all others who are interested in top-notch shows in excellent sound, too..
Sirbalkan wrote on June 15, 2009
You all say 1970s wree the best so what about the atmosphere he had created in 1976 with Polk Salads,hurts,new renditions opf the songs.... dallas show in 1976, hunstville performances, 1972 all april shows, 1973 performances....? 1970 shows especially las vegas ones were great but concert after concert, it was all real, even to him so that's why he wanted to go on tour, to breath with big audiences and create a perfect concert atmosphere...That's why I say: A BIG ENOUGH FOR 1970 SHOWS, in import and especially FTD world...
Sirbalkan wrote on June 15, 2009
"it was all the same" I would say... :p
Ciscoking wrote on June 15, 2009
Bring these shows and we talk about them..we got to talk about what i s out and not what m a y come out..
Smile:-) wrote on June 15, 2009
What is this, a rush race between the pirats and FTD...? And who are we in the midst of all this? Are we so hungry for this material (many even complaining about) that we can't wait until it is officially released by FTD? Should we let the bootleggers win only because we are impatient? With the "The Wonder of You" release this June, FTD have already given us 4 shows from this season... (Aug. 10, 11, 12 and 13).
Santa Claus wrote on June 15, 2009
The main point why I would prefer imports is the rumor that Ernst edited some of the shows he released (editing monologues etc). That make them worthless for me as a collector.
Santa Claus wrote on June 15, 2009
I wonder if Ernst contiues the race with quality-bootlegs. By the way ain't it funny. 75 % of the fans like the fact the Ernst is killing the bootleggers with this race (see current poll). A few weeks ago there was another poll where 71 % of this site's vistors were sad about Madison's dead. So, all the fans that cried their eyes red a few days ago because Madison stopped releasing imports are now happy about the fact the Ernst is killing good bootleg-labels. Well, Elvis fans were always "somehow special".
Jerome-the-third wrote on June 15, 2009
stranger in the crowd was good (although I think the show was performed sloppy by E') perhaps I'll get this one too because the last release was really a nice sounding good looking package. On the other hand- I know this picture already as so many others and always found it terrible, not a good cover..
Sirbalkan wrote on June 15, 2009
Santa Claus... Couldn't you see that Elvis fans are HUMAN BEINGS????That ends the conversation. :)
dannyboy1 wrote on June 15, 2009
The primary reason a lot of people bought the TTWII-CW set was to finally get their hands on these concerts, if only in mono. Now less than six months later all of these shows are going to available in nice clear stereo, so the fans have to shell out again. These releases are being very carefully orchestrated, aren't they?
Ruthie wrote on June 16, 2009
Here's a comment that's positive & offers no challenge to the deep thinkers: the cover is awesome!
circleG wrote on June 16, 2009
superb news for me! I've been waiting for this show for ages. 1970? bring it on!
Lefty wrote on June 16, 2009
I received Stranger In The Crowd, and I'm not a bit disappointed. I'll be shocked if the sound engineer at FTD improves on the quality. The booklet and packaging are top-notch. It's like Madison re-born. I'm surprised by the comments about Elvis being sloppy or the show being weak. Really? (Gosh, what they must think of Elvis in May 1977.) Yes, he's in a great mood. He laughs and cuts jokes, but every single song, save for Love Me Tender for obvious reasons, is performed with brilliance. Elvis was unstoppable in 1970. Twenty Days and Twenty Nights I'm sure will be just as good. It will be interesting to see what FTD releases next.
mark wilson wrote on June 16, 2009
Dont think so, not anymore. International have just released 5 shows for free as wav downloads in full stereo better than the Audionics label. It seems the new Audionics CD's released are poor quality stereo but no one had any reference guide to judge. Look at the fecc board and all is explained. International are giving full pristine wav files in full stereo for free. I think the thread is titled ' International Apology and free full stereo wav downloads. Goodbye Audionics, welcome back the International label.
elvistruth wrote on June 16, 2009
Yes Mark, International has done for free these 5 shows with outstanding sound quality, so it's clear that Audionics future aug.70 releases will be poorer quality!!!!
Lex wrote on June 16, 2009
Hi Heel Stella, Elvis fans ARE that dumb... those polls are certainly not modified. Hello two International fans (in any way involved?)... no reference?? There were tracks released by BMG in the past and I could hardly hear any difference comparing them to Stranger In The Crowd. International should have done it right in the first place. I am glad Audionics cleans up the mess they (International) left with the boxset... disregarding free wav downloads I will buy the Audionics... since they will have nice coverart and it saves me the time from downloading, burning etc. Besides that they are easier to play... way less work than getting CDs from the boxset :-)
mark wilson wrote on June 16, 2009
I hear you Lex. Agreed International should have got it right in the first place. Their apology and circumstance makes sense on the annoucement they made this morning going on many elvis news sites around the world. But I have downloaded the new International Full stereo wav files and it is much much better than the Audionics CD's. In fact clear as a bell. But what you are saying is that you would rather buy Audionics CD's even though it is now clearly proven to be very bad quality in comparison just because of the packing and becasue its easy to handle! and this you prefer over sound quality? How very strange indeed. I want to hear my shows in quality. The Audionics have completely failed in this area. How do I know? I ve downloaded the International stereo wav files, so I can justify the comments I have made. It sounds to me like you have not heard the new International Full stereo versions, so how on earth can you possibly judge? i cant get over it, very very strange indeed.
Lex wrote on June 16, 2009
Sorry, but if something needs a hype like this.... I just don't trust it. Certainly not if you are calling Audionic's release "very bad quality", since it was very close to the official material. Again, to me it's just a hype, probably out of shame and jealousy since another label could get it right. Think of it whatever you want, but I'm going to ignore it completely from now on.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on June 16, 2009
i agree totally with lex and audionics release is not bad quality, not even close and someone calls the show's redundant? if someone is saying that i serioulsly doubt that that someone is an elvis fan. i completely ignore negative reactions, not even worth the read
Jerome-the-third wrote on June 16, 2009
don't get me wrong, the release is great and sounds terrific, great label! Perhaps sloppy is not what I meant, relaxed moments sometimes. I prefer solid shows such as 'full blast', sorry..
Harvey Alexander wrote on June 16, 2009
The "apology" from International would be one of the funniest things I've ever read if it wasn't so pathetic. Since when have thieves ever had a conscience? I notice there's no aplogy to RCA / BMG for stealing the stuff in the first place. Now they try to come across as all high and mighty by slagging off Audionics and offering the stereo versions for free as downloads. I've been told that Sony BMG and Warner Brothers are already making plans to close in on these jokers. Let's hope they do it soon. That would be Just Perfect.
Take 1 wrote on June 16, 2009
only downloaded the 13th DS, just to compare with "stranger..." and the audionics sound quality is much better. through the download in the garbage can.
wmarkj wrote on June 16, 2009
Yeah, they are going to close in on these jokers, and Jesus is coming back in the clouds tomorrow.
wayup wrote on June 16, 2009
Well I just compared STRANGER IN THE CROWD CD release with equal show downloaded. Verdict: Stranger In The Crowd is SUPERIOR in every way, actually very close to BMG sound. Downloaded version is hissy as snake with sore throat.... and rather flat sounding. So Mark Wilson, buzz off with your agenda, OK? At the end it is good that you gave us these versions for upload... now everyone with healthy ears can say which sound is better - and I assume we can expect the same for Aug. 12th, 1970 DS.... so thankyouverymuch :-).
mark wilson wrote on June 17, 2009
Some people are just gonna have to have thier ears tested. Elvis-Express radio is doing a special this friday and doing comparison tests. I suppose we can all see then. I do know that yesterday dealers are getting vast cancelation orders. Anyway my sorry and condolences to the Audionics label, you tired, and you failed. Please make sure that when you dispose of the excess stock, it is done in a manner that can help the environment. One thing I hate is waste.
benny scott wrote on June 17, 2009
Mark Wilson : what's your goal ? Negative comment on "Twenty Days And Nights", negative comment on "Stranger In The Crowd". Seems you really do hate Audionics don't you ? After reading your statements you seem to be the only one with "good hearing". Do you really think all the fans of this site who write the sound of the Audionics is really OK, good, excellent etc..have stopped up ears ? When I read the comment of, per example, Ciscoking, it's very clear to me. The man knows what he's talking about and I trust his judgement completely. Strange attitude from your part. Smells burnt. Always El.
Jerome-the-third wrote on June 17, 2009
sorry Stella, can't help you- I don't know..
elvistruth wrote on June 17, 2009
After testing with my 40.000 $ sound equipment between FTD "One night with Elvis" (Opening night august 10,1970) and Internationat download, it's clear that FTD is more "professional sound" but the International download is much more a NATURAL sound, a little hissy but more REAL. Still I can´t compare with "SITC" Audionics release but if even with FTD these downloads are really absolutely SUPERB sound, you can imagine the rest. Also is 1 minute longer more or less that FTD release. After many years I can add five cdrs to my giant Elvis (and others) real CD collection. Absolutely THANK-YOU!! Note:My sound Equipment contains absolutely superb Denon SA1 SACD/CD top; Accuphase CD DP57,Pathos Logos amplifier, beautiful Gamut L3 speakers, MIt-Cardas-JPS cab., Rega turntable, Lehmann prev., Akai reel-to-reel amazing equipment (2 of them), Sanyo stereo-8, Sony tape deck and more...
Ciscoking wrote on June 17, 2009
Nothing can beat the Audionicc release sound wise....my honest opinion..
thenexte wrote on June 17, 2009
To my ears it sounds like the Audionics version and the Int'l stereo version are from totally different sources, as their stereo images are very different. The Int'l stereo version sounds more like a stereo soundboard to me while the Audionics version has more real instrument separation between the channels (although it doesn't even come close to the sound of these shows as available on official releases). In any case while Audionics and Int'l have technically both released stereo recordings of the same shows I don't think they are sourced from each other.
ttwiise wrote on June 17, 2009
where can i get these wav downloads?
marco31768 wrote on June 18, 2009
Ciscoking, you are right: now AUDIONICS is the best importa label !
Little_Darlin wrote on June 20, 2009
I love "Stranger in the Crowd" and just ordered "Twenty Days & Twenty Nights". I don't expect to be disappointed.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 20, 2009
Well we know Ftd want be releasing this one anytime soon! i will get this one!
roytcbintheuk wrote on June 20, 2009
I thought when I bought TTWII complete works from the International label this would be the final word on this particular Vegas season but it as now come apparent that the label has cocked it up by releasing all the shows in mono when they should have been in full stereo and as some sort of apology they have decided to give away free downloads but i think this could be more for political reasons more than anything else especially with the Audionics upcoming releases but that's only my opinion.if you want these shows in stereo c/w stunning artwork you will have to fork out your hard earned cash again, if you buy the Audionics releases you will be buying a quality product and will not be disappointed, take it from me I have them all with this one on order.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 20, 2009
I didnt get the complete works set,it was way overpriced,and contained 3 shows already released,in my view it was overhyped,i like the artwork on this release and know that the sound will be great,easy choice for me!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 20, 2009
By the way does this release come with a booklet?
benny scott wrote on June 20, 2009
In their apology for having released the CDs in mono instead of stereo," International" stated : "It was decided that maybe in a year or more, we may re-release these again separately at a knock down give away price to replace the discs in their box sets." Always El.
ijustcanhelpbelievin wrote on June 21, 2009
is the sound on this really worth buying? i have never bought a bootleg that sounded dead on...it always has lacked something...
roytcbintheuk wrote on June 21, 2009
Yes Benny I read that also but why wait a year or so, action should be taken now for all the fans that bought these in good faith, dont' get me wrong credit where credits due this is still a beautiful package but could it could have been all that much better if the CDs were in stereo.I personally would even be prepared to go half way with the label and pay for these at cost which for the discs alone would not amount to much,this would make the set more complete.