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Dixieland Delight

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, June 20, 2009 | Book

A bit late, but when I finally received the latest outing of FTD, the 2CD set Dixieland Delight I was extremely busy. Anyway, here is my verdict on it.


This FTD release is a kind of unique, since it is the first regular FTD release where some attention is paid to the design. There is even an eight page booklet, with good liner notes by Bud Glass and shots from both shows included in the set. The fold out case is decorated with more pictures of the shows, some candid shots and tickets from shows of this tour.


In general I like most shows of this tour (although we have more than enough of it by now). The first CD brings the matinee show of May 31, 1975 in Huntsville, which is the well-known exception on the rule… it is by far one of the most boring shows I have ever heard by our man. He sounds totally uninspired, dull, no intonation in his voice at all, in other words completely on automatic pilot (Air France quality). Some guy wrote on the bootleg release of this show that Elvis was in a good mood. I can’t enjoy in between song jokes if the performances themselves are this poor!

The first track that I think was worth listening was the last bonus track I’m Leavin’, but that was from the evening show of the same day. The other bonus tracks are pretty ridiculous, who needs throw away versions of Johnny B and Hound Dog as bonus?

The only goal of releasing this CD can be to make the second one look outstanding. Partly FTD succeeded in that goal, since the June 1st evening show is at least an enjoyable show, where Elvis really tried to deliver. Still it wasn’t a real great show, with messing up lots of the lyrics, stopping Burning Love and deciding not to do it at all when the band started it for the second time. Instead he does the showstopper Polk Salad Annie, which I love, but mainly in the early Tony Joe White style… this is one of the worst sounding… the bass during the final is totally out of proportion and it makes the thing sound like a complete mess. Still, compared to CD one this is a hell of a disc!

I am glad that I skipped the Wild Weekend releases by Madison (on advice of an insider who told me beforehand that it wasn’t worth the effort) and this FTD proofs that decision was rightfully taken.


Obviously this is not one of my favourite FTDs. I stopped buying boots just for the collection, if I had to buy them the FTDs would follow rapidly with releases like this. If I want to hear Elvis live during this tour I’ll pick one of the shows I do like. So this one is nothing more than a cabinet-filler.

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FJE wrote on June 20, 2009
This is the first FTD release I refrained from pre-ordering until I read some review about it. Soundboard and/or audience recordings I can do without, especially with the new higher asking price. Well, thanks Lex. You certainly saved me some hard-earned cash! And since I got the Audionics boot "Stranger In The Crowd" I think I'll pass the next FTD release of the same show. Sorry guys. I tried to be as faithful to the collector's label as possible but I guess one has to draw a line somewhere.
Sirbalkan wrote on June 20, 2009
I think as long as we buy bootlegs and dont buy official releaes, EPE will produce more and more t shirts instead of musicto earn more money. Just think of that, in future they will release all soundboards in any case.So why do all fans here rush a lot to buy bootlegs?
Ton Bruins wrote on June 20, 2009
Exact my thoughts Lex..Too much of the same. Glad I skipped this one. We are getting spoiled guys. And I stopped buying just for the collection. I have enough June 1975 shows anyway. We know by now that Elvis was bored most of the time in the seventies, singing the same old songs night after night. We can't blame the FTD label for that by the way..
Ronaldv wrote on June 20, 2009
I'm glad I skipped this superfluous FTD release, the madison releases are just perfect enough.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 21, 2009
The madison releases only covers one of these shows featured here on dixieland delight, the other show is on the boot across the country vol2!
Ronaldv wrote on June 21, 2009
Oh yeah, thankx for the correction, mature, but the june 1st ES show is on the Adios Huntsville audionics import cd. My point may be clear: we've heard it all before in good enough sound.
glynalone wrote on June 21, 2009
Isn't it strange that in Bud Glass's booklet notes for this release he highlights the opinion that one show really stood out. Namely the May 31 Evening show. I'd dispute the claim of it being one of his best and most memorable performances but given the choice of the two shows that day why did FTD choose to pick the poor matinee.
NOSTAB92 wrote on June 21, 2009
That Air France crack is well out of order, you and EN.com should be ashamed of yourself - I am sure you would be delighted if your parents, children or friends were on that flight, show some respect.
Lefty wrote on June 21, 2009
I purchased Madison's Wild Weekend vol 2 and I was very disappointed. Elvis was anything but wild. He didn't even put an effort into How Great Thou Art. The show was a total bore. Of course Madison did their best with the packaging, but that wasn't enough to save it. I put it on auction, and it sold in an hour. Adios!
dgirl wrote on June 21, 2009
Thanks Lex, I love saving money.
Michael.W. wrote on June 21, 2009
lex, normally i really enjoy your reviews but your air france "joke" is,sorry to say,totally sick!
John4126 wrote on June 21, 2009
Another FTD to pass on i fear...
Ton Bruins wrote on June 22, 2009
Come on Michael W..typical dutch humor..
pasa-ryu wrote on June 23, 2009
i recieved this great 2 cd set from the NDT people(thanks)and was really happy in the design and packaging !-the photos inside the boklet are breathtalking and the concert on cd 2 is by far the most enjoyablee to listen to(Elvis really 'interacts' with the audience and really seems to be enjoying himself,rather than 'sleep walk' thru a concert)..I highly reccomemnd this 2 cd deluxe set to any fan,especially to fans of elvis in concert..the cd booklet states that the "huntsville shows" were the only place he returned to 5 times in a row!!-wow.(the demand was so huge)10/10.
You Dont Know Me wrote on July 28, 2009
This is a great set, but its a pity FTD has become a follower and no longer a leader.Had this came out b4 the Bootlegs its importance would have been 100% better.Needless to say disc 1 sounds better than the boots and disc 2 slightly less good. good inclusions of songs from 4 shows and this must mean the 30th May show 1975 wasn't recorded! great packaging and extra photos and a pleasant listen throughout.Cannot imagine why Lex is SO NEGATIVE about a generally good & fun release?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on July 28, 2009
Cool release,but i have to ask why a booklet with this one and no other digi pack releases,one big flaw with Ftd!
MJB63 wrote on August 04, 2009
The best thing you can do with "Dixieland Delight" is take the best songs from both discs and burn them on one CD.I also did that with "Nevada Nights"and i love them.