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1000 Times Elvis Quiz

June 18, 2009 | Video

Together with the Belgian/ Dutch Elvis Presley ElvisMatters fan club we give away two copies of the special documentary DVD which the fan club releases for their Elvis Festival "100 Times Parker, 1.000 times Elvis".

To win a copy you have to answer the question below correctly.

Which artist was not managed by Colonel Parker? Minnie Pearl, Hank Snow, Neil Diamond or 
Eddy Arnold? To enter the quiz, go to our portal.

For more information on the fan club, the DVD or the Elvis Event "100 Times Parker, 1.000 Times Elvis" festival go to the special website with all the details. 


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Cher wrote on June 19, 2009
I find this whole 100 year celebration of the flim flam man insulting to Elvis's memory. Dries was a criminal lamprey who sucked the marrow out of Elvis for 22 years. He should have spent his last years sitting on his fat butt in a jail cell. He destroyed Elvis Presley as much as if he'd held a gun to Elvis's head and now we're called upon to celebrate his life? I think not. I don't understand any self-respecting Elvis fan who would participate in this so called "event".
elvis197475 wrote on June 20, 2009
we'll we all know elvis could have put a stop to parker but he did not. cjkj did you ever stop to think maybe elvis loved paker.always elvis with love
Ruthie wrote on June 20, 2009
I am with you cjkj. Makes my skin crawl. The more I research the more pathetic it becomes. Hang in there.
Cher wrote on June 20, 2009
Actually Elvis could not, in fact, put an end to Parker. Many times he tried, many times he failed. We may never know exactly why but the fact that Parker had him sign, at the age of 22, a contract with no termination date might have been a contributing factor. I will never believe that Elvis loved Parker. Elvis was convinced he "needed" Parker which should never be confused with love. I stand by my claim that Dries was a despicable worm and completely undeserving of this so-called 100 year event. Do you believe that we would never have heard of Elvis is the worm hadn't been born a 100 years ago? That without Parker, Elvis's talent would have gone unnoticed?
elvis197475 wrote on June 20, 2009
elvis could have and should have.as parker told him contract's are made to be broken.might have had to pay parker a lot of money.as for contract i think he and elvis revised in 1967(not sure) love always elvis. p.s didn't priscillsa say there was a love hate relationship between elvis&parker
dgirl wrote on June 22, 2009
I am in the middle of reading the Leiber/Stoller book. This guy was even worse than I thought. He resented the song Don't even though Elvis loved it and it hit #1 simply because it wasnt brought to Elvis through the proper channels. He didnt even allow Elvis to play pool with his 2 greatest songwriters. What an ass. Elvis & Leiber/Stoller seemed to have a real kinship and it could have lasted forever if (a) Elvis had the guts to stand up to him or (b) just would have fired him. It was the same thing all over again 10 years later with Steve Binder on the TV show. Honor him? Please. Elvis was great in spite of him not because of him.