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Elvis & Colonel Parker "Wallpaper"

June 09, 2009 | Other

To promote their upcoming Elvis  & The Colonel event our friend from the Belgian/ Dutch ElvisMatters fan club made sure everybody in the Dutch city of Breda - birtplace of The Colonel - knows that the event will take place in their town.

With help of a specialized company, the fan club will transform the large wall of the exhibition room to a gigantic picture wall. This picture simulation by Robert Aarts gives a good idea, but actually seeing Elvis more than life size is just unbelievable!

For more details on the event go to our event section or the ElvisMatters website.


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Sirbalkan wrote on June 09, 2009
Elvis deserves this... I loved it... But I wish Colonel; that son of b.... was not lncluded !
Swen wrote on June 09, 2009
Would hate to see the old bastard as a wallpaper!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on June 09, 2009
Elvis is the only artist i know of that his manager gets this kind of attention,never understood that!
Cher wrote on June 10, 2009
It is my considered opinion that Parker (I refuse to call him a colonel) should have spent his last days in a prison cell, not glorifying in and getting fatter on the proceeds of skanky souvenirs created after Elvis passed. So this picture above is nothing short of blasphemous to me. He was a crook, plain and simple.
FLASHBOY wrote on June 11, 2009
Never like Parker at all i don't blame him for everything that happened to Elvis but for me it is clear in my mind that he was there only for money and at the end it show's man. When Elvis was sick he never tried to help him and when he died he'd go selling ballons with Elvis face on it ... what a freakin S.O.B
Natha wrote on June 11, 2009
Mature Elvis Fan, share your sentiment. On the other hand Elvis is the one and only King and everybody seems to sort of know about his manager. Though he was not to be trusted as we all know, we was part of the team that made Elvis known. I don't think it was his work as sucht; another one would have sufficed to do the job - and possibly better. Anyway. It s also a way to bring Elvis under the attention of the general public.
Jimmy Boy wrote on June 13, 2009
I would'nt piss on him if he was on fire.
mholdr wrote on June 16, 2009
a good manager is supposed to keep his ARTIST in the spotlight, not be in it or become well known himself. He was a greedy SOB and I feel the most influential person leading the Elvis' demise by giving Elvis aboslutely nothing to look forward to in life as an artist/actor. Just makes me wonder what EP would have become with better management.