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Classic Album Re-issues

June 07, 2009 | Music

A possible new release from BMG UK is a five CD box-set containing five classic albums. The pouchette-style packaging, similar to the UK and US single re-releases, and cheeky box could make this a nice item for collectors. The set is expected to retail for around fifteen UK Pounds and should be available October 2009.

Source:Magazines: OEPFC Magazine
Jerome-the-third wrote on June 08, 2009
Can you use this one also as a lunch box?..
dgirl wrote on June 08, 2009
I wish I had a dollar for everytime I've seen a classic album re-issue title subject.
Greg Nolan wrote on June 08, 2009
And what, are you waiting for *NEW* albums from a 3-decades long still-dead artist? C'mon, Dgirl. It's perfectly legitimate to market his classic albums and many of us have long argued that RCA (Sony, whatever) should be doing this instead of slicing and dicing his catalog into phony "new" compilations. Elvis' albums should take a back-seat to no one. Here's to keeping 'em in print with the original covers as much as possible while the CD era remains...
marco31768 wrote on June 08, 2009
Who needs this ???
Michael.W. wrote on June 08, 2009
I think that's a fantastic release because the new fans or the casual buyers gets 5 of the best Elvis albums as they were and not another "best of" edition. In my opinion it's important to keep these albums in circulation and here we really have 5 of elvis' best and/or most important albums.
dgirl wrote on June 08, 2009
Greg - Of course I am not waiting for new albums, but it seems everytime I turn around I see a topic saying classic something re-released. They should have stayed in print in the first place like The Beatles catalog. This re-packaging is nice but its also a ploy to get the die-hards to plunk their money down yet again for the same stuff. Al lest we forget FTD is re-packaging the same classic albums? They should have always remained in the standard catalog, yes even with a few extra alternates, what was wrong with that strategy? By the way do I see Moody Blue and Blue Hawaii n there? Hardly albums that enhanced his legacy. Elvis Is Back, Elvis Country, his second LP, TTWII , the TV Special, would have made for a much better set.
Steve V wrote on June 08, 2009
dgirl is right on here. The re-packaging thing is getting old. They should have been released once and stayed that way, available through whatever retails are left, Amazon.com or whatever. The Beatles are finally getting their catalog restored this year with improved tech. First time in 20 years! Amazing how that label treats their fans with a bit more respect and doesn't try & squeeze every last dollar out of them. As for this set? The first album, second album, Elvis Is Back, From Elvis In Memphis, and Elvis Country are his classic LPs in my opinion.
benny scott wrote on June 08, 2009
Fully agree with Greg and Michael.W. As for The Beatles' catalogue being restored this year : fine. Letting Beatles-fans wait for 20 years is, imho, a strange way to show "a little more respect".Those fans surely had to bring up a lot of patience. Always El.
Steve V wrote on June 08, 2009
Benny - I believe EMI is showing respect for their fans by not soaking them for money. They released the catalog once and it was done right. No need to keep re-hasing them with marketing gimmicks to keep re-selling them over & over. Now they have a reason. I know I will get slammed for this, but The Beatles albums basically sell themselves without much marketing There are always several in the top 10 albums all time lists and get a lot more play on the radio. The only Elvis albums I ever see in these lists (below top 10) are his compilations and occasionally the 1st LP & Memphis album. Elvis was a singles artist with not much thought into making LPs and thats just the way it is. Yes his albums belong on the mainstream market but they did it right one time with bonus cuts at a great price, then discontinued that, repackaged them again without bonus cuts, FTD'd them with tons of bonus cuts, gee when will it end? Where is product control at Sony/BMG?
Jerome-the-third wrote on June 08, 2009
what does it matter having a classic serie multiple times in your collection? If one gets old you can use it as a frisbee..
Swen wrote on June 09, 2009
I totally agree with MichaelW. This is NOT for you folks, but new fans and casual buyers, and isn´t it better they get the real stuff? The similar Paramount movie box were bought by many people from these two categories, and I guess that´s all right!?
benny scott wrote on June 09, 2009
Hello Steve, your explanation : I can live with that, you have some points there. Always El.