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The Ed Sullivan Shows - The Performances

May 31, 2009 | Video

Due for release from Image Entertainment on August 4, 2009 is the DVD "Elvis Presley - The Ed Sullivan Shows - The Performances". This DVD has a running time of 46 minutes.

FJE wrote on May 31, 2009
Oops! Wrong release guys. We have these shows already. It's the Dorsey Shows we need now.
Wiebe wrote on May 31, 2009
They're working on the Dorsey shows
andrew1 wrote on May 31, 2009
I was surpised that the original release of these shows wasn't a bigger seller. Maybe a one disc version will entice more casual buyers. No Elvis fan should be without these restored DVDs!
Ruthie wrote on June 01, 2009
I can't be sure, of course, but I think the original DVDs didn't sell as well as EPE expected because many fans, like myself, did not want to sit through the puppets & jugglers waiting for Elvis. I would rather spend my money on a DVD specifically of Elvis' appearances.
Tony C wrote on June 01, 2009
This release is a good idea, the three disc set would have only appealed to real Elvis fans whereas this will be aimed at general music fans.
FJE wrote on June 01, 2009
Ruthie, although what you say may be true that the original DVDs (unfortunately) didn't sell too well because they included all the shows in their entirety I wouldn't have wanted them any other way. Watching the shows as they were originally broadcast brings out more the impact Elvis made in those days when compared to all the other (mostly) dross going on in each show. Besides, the DVDs had the option to view just the Elvis segments without the other stuff, which I often do when I feel like watching them again.
samcra wrote on June 01, 2009
EJF, I agree completely. I have this DVD, and enjoyed the sometime lame acts, but I knew ELVIS was coming up soon. More fun that way.
circleG wrote on June 02, 2009
Have to disagree with people here - I loved the full versions. It put Elvis into context with what was going on on Tva t the time. Besides i can always hit the skip button if need be.
zathura wrote on July 03, 2009
For me this seems fairly pointless. I already have the original issue and this adds nothing new. I can't see too many casual or non fans buying a 50 year old black and white tv show clips DVD but then I'm no marketing man