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EPE Growth In Licensing Division

May 25, 2009 | Other
Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. had another year of growth and expansion in its licensing division. In addition to Graceland and its related attractions in Memphis, EPE is involved in a worldwide licensing program, merchandising, music publishing, and television, film, video and Internet projects.

"This has been one of our best years in the Elvis licensing program. We continue to partner with new and exciting licensees as well as maintaining many long term relationships that result in Elvis merchandise in dozens of territories around the world," stated EPE vice president of world wide licensing Carol Butler.

Elvis was a pioneer in the licensing world from the first day he stepped on stage. In 2008, EPE signed numerous licensees and worked closely with them to maximize the business through public relations and marketing activities.

Now, with over 250 licensees worldwide, EPE works with companies in a wide variety of licensing categories, such as Cirque du Soliel, Mattel Inc., Bradford Exchange, Hallmark, Gibson Guitar, Elvis Harley, John Deere, American Greetings, Pez Candy and Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

EPE's Licensing Division is charged with the responsibility of protecting and preserving the integrity of Elvis Presley, Graceland and other related properties.

Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will be participating in the Licensing International Expo 2009 in Las Vegas, NV starting 2 June.
Brian Quinn wrote on May 25, 2009
Good news. Those Rubber Ducks have their use after all!
Ruthie wrote on May 26, 2009
I guess it would be too much to ask to put more emphasis on the "integrity" part of their mission.
JerryNodak wrote on May 26, 2009
If it weren't for the rubber ducks etc. there probably wouldn't have been the DVD projects we've all drooled over. Don't bite the hand that feeds your habit.
Ruthie wrote on May 27, 2009
DVD/CD projects are entirely different from rubber ducks & coasters in the marketing world. Music is music, knick knacks, etc. are what they are. I admittedly have a very bad habit when it comes to Elvis, but you will never see an Elvis sink strainer in my kitchen. It is just my opinion. I know that any day now we will see the introduction of the Elvis toilet bowl brush.