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Cover Art Treasured Memories Of Elvis

May 25, 2009 | Book

Here is the cover art of "My Treasured Memories of Elvis" by July Palmer which is due June 2009. This photo of Elvis on stage was taken at the Las Vegas Hilton during the Summer Festival engagement (September) of 1972. Elvis was wearing a blue jumpsuit with silver designs. Judy considers her photos of  this engagement to be her favorite set. 

No one has ever seen all her photos in one book, in context with her stories. Judy has been known as one of the best fan photographers of Elvis for over 35 years according to the update. "My Treasured Memories of Elvis" is a hard cover, full color 114 pages book with over 150 photos. Nearly all the photos are of Elvis Presley, many full or half page.


Source:Elvis Unlimited