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Elvis Vegas '69

May 22, 2009 | Book

Ken Sharp, author of the Follow That Dream book "Writing For The King," informed us of his latest bookproject entitled "Elvis: Vegas '69". The book chronicles Elvis's return to live performances and is due for release August 2009.

The press-release:

Join us for a front row seat ... Elvis: Vegas '69

July 31, 1969 marks a historic milestone in Elvis's career. Bolstered by the runaway success of the '68 Comeback show and energized by productive recording sessions at American Sound Studios, which would spawn such timeless hits as "Suspicious Minds", "In The Ghetto" and "Don't Cry Daddy," Elvis launched his return to live performance at Las Vegas's International Hotel in the summer of 1969.

Elvis: Vegas '69 is a new 200-page hardback book that commemorates the 40th anniversary of Elvis's historic return to live performance. Written by Ken Sharp, author of the critically acclaimed FTD book, Writing For The King, the book tells the remarkable story of Elvis's return to the concert stage told through first-hand accounts by those lucky enough to be on hand to witness Elvis's miraculous artistic and creative rebirth.

Culling 100 new interviews, the 60,000 word text offers a gripping account of this seminal event told by the people who were there including Priscilla Presley, Elvis's TCB bandmates, the Sweet Inspirations, the Imperials, the Memphis Mafia, celebrities in attendance, International hotel personnel including owner Kirk Kerkorian, hotel President Alex Shoofey, publicity and showroom staff, security, international media and much more.

Learn the backstory behind what led to Elvis's triumphant return to live performance. You'll go behind closed doors with Elvis and the band in pre-show rehearsals and revel in the excitement and anticipation of opening night. We'll also exhaustively chronicle the opening show on July 31, 1969 through the eyes of the people that were there, press conference, after show celebration and more.

Packed with over 150 stunning full color and B&W images, many culled from the Graceland archives, vintage Vegas/Elvis concert memorabilia, a '69 show index and much more, the book will transport the reader back to the Strip for one of the most electrifying moments in Elvis's monumental career.

Slated for publication in August, the book will retail for $50.
Steve Morse wrote on May 22, 2009
What great news - the '69 pictures are among my favourites though there seem to be too few of them and it will be great to see more of them in high quality format. The text should be fascinating, too.
elvistruth wrote on May 22, 2009
Well, it's all very good...but where is the filmed images from the show? And worse, where's the audio press conference? Really sad.
theoldscudder wrote on May 22, 2009
Culled from thr Graceland Archives tells me that these pics have been released before. But if they haven't & the text is good, I may but this. Somehow I doub't it will meet my expectations.
Steve V wrote on May 23, 2009
Tunzi did a 69 book which was one of his better books. This seems like it could be nicer. It certainly has a nicer cover. If it is, I will buy it and look for my Tunzi book soon on Ebay!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on May 26, 2009
I Love the photo, on the cover, of that book ! I can only imagine how great it was, to have been sitting in the audience, and watching Elvis, rock in Vegas in 1969. He could do no wrong in 1969 !!
alisuzbet wrote on May 26, 2009
I stopped lining the pockets of EPE a long time ago, BUT ... this looks like it might be a very interesting book, especially if there are new or rare photos included. $50? I understand people are trying to make a buck and printing costs money, etc., but geez, not every EP fan can spend that kind of money time after time. I also think the cost of the FTD stuff puts off a lot of the new fans. As for the '69 shows, how unfortunate that NO ONE had the sense or visionary concept to FILM all the shows for future release, especially considering that the '68 Comeback had been such a success. Same for the American Sound sessions - that would have been GREAT to have those sessions filmed, to eventually be relased one day in conjunction with the outtakes. Had that been done, those would have been THE most prized documented events from his career.