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The Music Of Elvis Presley A Collector's Guide

May 14, 2009 | Book

Released May 13, 2009 is the 422 pages book "The Music of Elvis Presley A Collector's Guide" by Gregory Branson-Trent. The book was released through the self publishing publisher Create Space.

From the press-release:

More Than 30 years have passed since the death of Elvis Presley, yet the deceased singer, still widely acclaimed as The King of rock and roll, continues to sell records, inspire legions of worshiping fans, and preside over quickie weddings in Vegas.

Elvis is the one who gave us everything from Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog to Heartbreak Hotel and Love Me Tender. Over the course of his career, Elvis appeared in thirty-one movies, each one a smashing financial, if not critical, success. Perhaps most importantly, however, if you want to be the King, you've got to live like the King. No celebrity before or since has done as much to redefine the notion of living large as Presley.

This book will take you back to a complete overview of Elvis' career, included are:

  • A Complete Discography
  • A Total Chart Listing Of All Releases
  • A Complete Image Collection Of All Albums And Singles.
  • A Biography Of Elvis' Career And Personal Life.
  • The Elvis Timeline
  • Elvis' Movies

(ISBN/EAN13: 144217031X / 9781442170315)