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Trailer For After Midnight

May 05, 2009 | Music

Joe Tunzi's JAT Publishing will soon release a commemorative re-print of the July 31, 1969 Las Vegas Menu. The menu is as a matter of fact the sleeve for the CD "After Midnight", containing many celebrity interviews recorded after the much-celebrated July 31 V.I.P. Show. JAT Publishing released a trailer to promote this release.

You can pre-order the set now through our shop. 

On YouTube you can find this trailer:


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Jerome-the-third wrote on May 05, 2009
Looks fine to me, maybe I'll sell my car or one of my wives to get it. Or is it sold out already?..
Harvey Alexander wrote on May 06, 2009
So then, another rip-off from Joe Tunzi. A reprint of a paper menu and a CD of 'celebrities' talking about Elvis. You've sunk lower than anyone would ever have imagined in chasing that almighty dollar.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 06, 2009
Harvey why cant you be like jerome, he understands dedication ! lol
dgirl wrote on May 06, 2009
I think he can go lower if he tried Harvey.
Jerome-the-third wrote on May 06, 2009
any plans for tonight dgirl?..
Jerome-the-third wrote on May 06, 2009
I mean before Elvisnews news kicks my a** we can watch Tunzi after midnight?..
dgirl wrote on May 06, 2009
LOL - Yes I plan to watch all the rip-off Tunzi DVDs I ordered so far. Look for them soon on Ebay!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 11, 2009
Its a menu,and cd of interviews,dgirl you didnt buy any of these dvd's did ya?
theoldscudder wrote on May 12, 2009
Jerome, I spent Saturday night with dgirl. She's 28 & has a great collection incl. the 5 Suns.
Jerome-the-third wrote on May 12, 2009
well that can't compete with my glassed hair strands of Larry Geller..
dgirl wrote on May 12, 2009
mature-elvis-fan - yes, unfort, I got sucked into the first few volumes. No more for me. Oldscudder - yes its true , I do have the 5 Sun singles and one 78, which is Sun 215! I am not 28 though!