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Sidemen Album Releases

May 03, 2009 | Music

Several of Elvis' former sidemen released new albums. DJ Fontana released "Rock It Up" with nineteen Rock 'n' Roll tracks featuring DJ Fontana on drums recorded at The REC-Room, Nashville, TN.


01. Brand New Cadillac
02. Sweet Thang No More
03. Red Headed Woman
04. I'm Ready
05. In My Woman's Eyes
06. Red Hot
07. Rock It Up
08. Rock & Roll Medley
09. Let it Roll
10. Mistreatin' Woman Blues
11. Slippin' & Slidin'
12. Tear It Up
13. Till We Just Fade Away
14. Treat Me Nice
15. Honky Tonk World
16. Lucille
17. Delta Hot
18. Jambalaya
19. The Rose of Louisiana

Ed Hill New CD Through The Years

Ed Hill, former member of The Stamps, recorded a new album entitled "Ed Hill New CD Through The Years".


Without Him / I'll Not Be Lonely / The Lord's Way / Remind Me Dear Lord / John 14:18 / Port in the Storm / Great Day / It's All in the Blood / Old Soldiers Never Die / My Dearest Friend / Soul Such As I / The Lighthouse

JD Sumner - A Musical Biography

Daddy Sang Bass. Could have been the title, but it's "JD Sumners - A Musical Biography". Hear friends and family talk about the legend - Mr. J.D. Sumner on this double album.

"This CD is a story of the adventure through not only the life and times of this pioneer, but the development of an industry known as Southern Gospel Music. This story is a life's inspiration From the mantle passed to him by Frank Stamps to his God given talents and entrepreneurial spirit.

I hope you enjoy this musical illustration
and one of a kind listening experience."

Shirley S. Enoch

Source:Elvis Unlimited
JeanneMG wrote on May 03, 2009
Indeed, great singers and nice people but why was Donnie Sumner of Voice and also Sherill Nielsen not invited to join in on a good release like this one ?