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Obama As Elvis

April 20, 2009 | People

Knack, a weekly magazine from Belgium, has used a remarkable cover for their latest edition. To illustrate an article about the first 100 days of Obama as the American president, we see a picture of Barack in the Eagle jumpsuit with the title 'The New King'.

Jerome-the-third wrote on April 20, 2009
hopefully he will also take care of business..
dannyboy1 wrote on April 20, 2009
How horrible! Another unwanted connection!
Harvey Alexander wrote on April 20, 2009
At least they got the belt right. I hate these impersonator clowns who don't wear the right belt with the correct jumpsuit. Elvis loved his belts and it's very important that the belts are the right ones with the jumpsuits. Any Jumpsuit Junkie will tell you that. Or any Trekkie, for that matter. Or Trainspotter. Or Armadillo collector.
EinVegas wrote on April 20, 2009
This is Horrible....not all of us in America like Obama. I'd rather buy 1,000 Elvis ducks then to see or buy this crap.
elvis1279 wrote on April 20, 2009
Don't like it at all !!!
efan4ever wrote on April 20, 2009
this is garbage. what an insult to a awesome jump suite I agree not everyone in America likes this guy.
dukebrando76 wrote on April 20, 2009
Disrespectful as hell.
Wolfy wrote on April 21, 2009
But many of us Elvis fans do! Rock on Obama! either way? Jerome-the-third is right - hopefully TCB.
Ruthie wrote on April 21, 2009
This made me laugh out loud! At least it's truly humorous whereas the ducks are plain ridicuous. It's only a one time magazine cover. Those darn ducks are everywhere! Not being a jumpsuit fan, I guess I just can't get too worked up about this.
Kenneth wrote on April 21, 2009
This is a complete insult to Elvis.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on April 21, 2009
Is he not that popular ? I'm not a fan of the jump suit's either. The question IS,is he a fan. does anyone know, we know that Clinton was, and I think Bush too but he...?
sitdown68 wrote on April 21, 2009
good laugh. I guess Elvis would have liked it ;-)
dgirl wrote on April 21, 2009
This is a goof, thats all. I wouldnt get worked up about it. As for him being a fan, Ive read his favorite singers were Aretha & Stevie Wonder, so take it from there.
samcra wrote on April 21, 2009
I think it's great! One doesn't have to like President Obama to enjoy the cover. FCOL, Lighten up.
theoldscudder wrote on April 21, 2009
Could Nancy Pelosi be to Obama what Col. Parker was to Elvis? Let's hope not.
Ruthie wrote on April 22, 2009
I have no idea if Obama is a fan or not, but I did read that he & Clinton both took out memberships in the new Memphis Mafia club that is being organized! Of course, how true that is coming from Fike & Lacker is anyone's guess. I personally hope Obama has better things to do!
Clambake67 wrote on April 22, 2009
i doubt Elvis would want to be assocated with any President that announces to the Wolrd that we are not just a Christian country any longer.The dude is a phony and Elvis would have seen right through him.
Ruthie wrote on April 23, 2009
Sorry Clambake but, if you really know Elvis, you know he had respect for other beliefs/religions of the world, including his own country. It's well known that he read about religions in general & often wore a Star of David along with other chains while performing. Whether he would have liked Obama as a man or as a president, we'll never know but he certainly would not have disliked him for recognizing the differences & trying to bring people together rather than ignore them.
NONE000000 wrote on April 23, 2009
No Clambake---Ruthie's right, I think Elvis would've liked Obama. Bush is the one he'd have hated. Elvis was a lifelong Democrat, and likewise it seems Democrats like Elvis too---Carter and Clinton certainly did. Bush has stated publicly that he "is more into country". Toby Keith, I am guessing. Being an Elvis fan is such an odd thing now days. You have the kind of open-minded people who are all about change--which is what Elvis represented in the 1950s, but you also have a lot of southern ignorant bigots who has managed to twist Elvis' image into their own warped ideal of white all-american pride. It's funny since almost the exact same thing has happened to Jesus. The man was great, but his fans give him a bad name (Elvis and Jesus, I mean. And I am a fan of both.)
Steve V wrote on April 23, 2009
KingKreole- Where do you get this Elvis was a lifelong Democrat stuff? This is simply not true. Of all the books Ive read it they have always stated Elvis was not for one particular party, but for the man. No party association whatsoever, so knock it off with that statement. This is is the second time Ive read it. You think he would have been to see Nixon as a lifelong Democrat? Obviously you are a Democrat and one of the Bush haters so I assume you want to believe Elvis would have thought like you do. But please stop giving false statements or do some more reading about Elvis.
NONE000000 wrote on April 23, 2009
Steve V-- I had always read that it was a matter of public record that he was a registered Democrat. However, searching the internet now, I can find absolutely nothing about it either way. There's info about Elvis being related to Jimmy Carter and possibly Oprah Winfrey (which is meaningless, I realize) and there is the photo of Elvis with Jimmy Carter, not only the more famous Nixon pictures. It's also well known that Elvis really liked Kennedy. He also met Lyndon Johnson while filming Spinout (That is, Elvis was filming Spinout, not Lyndon). But I cannot find a single thing online about party affiliation, so I have to find it in one of the biographies I've read. The Peter Guralnick ones were the last 2 I read, so maybe it is in there. The memory I have was that when he registered for selective service (the draft). it was a space he filled out identifying his party as Democrat. But I think the way he lived his life showed more about who and what he was. Singing songs like "In The Ghetto" and "If I Can Dream"---donating so much to charity over the course of his lifetime, and generally being an artist and non-conformist. He was also the biggest tax-payer in the US for years (Republicans generally try not to pay taxes for the country they claim to love so much). As for Nixon--He went to see Nixon to get a badge--I know you know that. Or do you need to do more reading about Elvis? Elvis did what was necessary to achieve his goal of getting the badge he wanted. It was not a political endorsement. I am sorry you are missing Bush, but I'm sure the Fox-News Tea-bagging parties must be comforting at least. But this is really nothing more than a cute magazine cover, likening the fervor of most of the country over Obama to the adoration of Elvis. Speaking to that, Elvis was the King, he was an amazing man and artist and vocalist. Obama is one of a long long line of presidents. He is certain to do a better job than the last clown, but he may not be as good as Clinton or even Reagan or Bush Sr. He hasn't been in long enough to say either way. But the magazine cover is cool.
Rob Wanders wrote on April 23, 2009
I'm really puzzled why so many people are so fanatic about this magazinecover. Speciallly the "I dont like Obama-people". it's a funny cover, nothing more, nothing less. By the way, I love Obama; it's one of the best things that happened to the USA and the world in the last decades. But that's just my opinion.
Steve V wrote on April 24, 2009
KingKreole - I am certainly not missing Bush and have no party affiliation. I think Dems are as big as hypocrits as Repubs and avoid paying taxes just as much. In my state, the Dems are the corrupt party for sure. Theyve run it into the ground. Im sure you've heard the term limosuine liberal. Most Dems fit that. Say one thing, act another way. As for this topic, of course I knew he went to see Nixon to get a badge. I also know he wrote a scathing letter about the music or morals of 1970 and put down the Beatles awfully. Certainly not the words of a more liberal person like a Democrat. All Americans felt mostly the same way about Kennedy (both) and felt the sorrow when they were killed. No part association was needed. If I were to guess, I'd say ok maybe Elvis was a Demorcrat in 1958 when he went into the army, but his conservative Southern upbringing, his firece patriotism and the way he felt in 1970 and beyond make me believe he leaned more Republican in later years. Whether he would have liked Obama, I dont know. I dont know if I do yet. its too early to tell.
efan4ever wrote on April 24, 2009
We have not been attacked since 9 11 thanks to the Bush administration. So he did something right. Obama make America look dumb when he visits to Europe
efan4ever wrote on April 24, 2009
No Southerner in their right mind would vote democrap i mean democrat lol
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 24, 2009
None of you know if he would have liked bush or obama,i dont care how many books you read and cd's you listen to,you simply dont know,i myself hate politics,bush and obama are both arrogant,and obama is the medias little darling,again i hate politics and thats why,we seem to live in a world now were every one thinks they have the view that is the only view worth hearing!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 24, 2009
Hey king creole,your comments about the south are wrong,there has been plenty of racial issues up north and everywere else,and are we getting into the if you dont like obma your a racist nonsence? You like jesus but you also judging,which is a no no,as for the cover its silly as are many things Elvis,fans included!
dgirl wrote on April 24, 2009
How silly to speculate if Elvis would have liked Obama or not. The world was a such different place when Elvis died some 30 years ago. We do know Elvis respected the presidency and was fiercely patriotic, but didnt affiliate with either party. I'm sure he was an Independent and just cared for the candidate regardless of party. Of course he was saddened by the deaths of the Kennedys, but that doesnt make him a Democrat, just as visiting Nixon doesnt make him a Republican. KK you obviously have issues with Bush, since you live in New Orleans and thats understandable but he did keep us safe after 9/11. The jury is out on Obama for me. Just because he is a media darling doesnt make me feel warm & fuzzy about how he will govern.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 24, 2009
100% spot on!
JeanneMG wrote on May 03, 2009
The only good (incredible and unique) thing about it: it puts indirectly Elvis back into the limelight. so many years after his passing awaai. Talking about next 10.000 years...not just 100 years from now.