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Next FTD release - Dixieland Delight

April 20, 2009 | Music

According to the Essential Elvis blog the Follow That Dream label will release a double CD set entitled "Dixieland Delight"on May 18, 2009. The set should feature concert performances from May 31st 1975 and June 1st 1975 in Huntsville, Alabama (it’s released in cooperation with a forthcoming multimedia boxset from another label).

From the blog:

Elvis was truly inspired by the superb reaction he received in Huntsville, selling out five shows. It’s the only time in his career that he did so many consecutive performances in one City.

This set will be released as a 5” digipack with a colour booklet.

CD1 - Love Me* / If You Love Me (Let Me Know)* / Love Me Tender* / All Shook Up* / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Don’t Be Cruel* / The Wonder Of You* / Burning Love* / Introductions* / Trouble (incomplete)* / T-R-O-U-B-L-E* / Hawaiian Wedding Song* / Let Me Be There* / An American Trilogy* / Funny How Time Slips Away* / Blue Suede Shoes* / For The Good Times* / Little Darlin’* / Can’t Help Falling In Love*. Bonus Songs: Johnny B. Goode / Hound Dog / I’m Leavin’.

First 18 (*) tracks recorded May 31st 1975 at the matinee show
Rest recorded May 31st 1975 at the evening show
Beginning of Matinee show not recorded. Bonus tracks have been added from the evening performance.

CD2 - Love Me* / If You Love Me (Let Me Know)* / Love Me Tender* / All Shook Up* / (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear - Don’t Be Cruel* / The Wonder Of You* / Burning Love (incomplete)* / Polk Salad Annie* / Introductions* / I Can’t Stop Loving You* / T-R-O-U-B-L-E* / I’ll Remember You* / Let Me Be There* / Why Me Lord* / An American Trilogy* / Funny How Time Slips Away* / Little Darlin’* / Can’t Help Falling In Love*. Bonus Songs: I Got A Woman - Amen / Release Me / Heartbreak Hotel / How Great Thou Art.

First 18 (*) tracks recorded June 1st 1975 at the evening show
Rest recorded June 1st 1975 at the matinee show
Recorded live May 31st and June 1st 1975 at Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama

Source:Essential Elvis

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Smile:-) wrote on April 20, 2009
Even if these concerts are recently released by pirates, I think it's the only corret strategy by FTD. Take back these famous boot's once and for all! There will be the usual complaining but in the long run everyone will be happy that these recording are kept under the wings of the official label. The best bootlegs are immediately hard to find and a lot of fans don't have them. Now they have the chance:) The same should be done with Opening 1969, Opening and Closing Jan./Febr. 1970, Nov. 10 1971 concert, Opening Jan. 1972, On Tour concerts April 1972, Houston Astrodome and Memphis March 1974, LV 1976, Nov. and Dec. tours 1976, June 1977. But what the heck does "released in cooperation with a forthcoming multimedia boxset from another label" mean???
FJE wrote on April 20, 2009
Since going up in price I vowed I will be selective in what releases I will purchase. This looks like being the first FTD release I will do without. Sorry Ernst & Co., I tried to be as faithful to the label as possible even though some releases were not worth half the asking price but I'm afraid there's a limit to what one can afford. Bring on further Classic Album Series and ditch the soundboard/audience recordings. To each hs own of course, but that's my humble opinion.
Ton Bruins wrote on April 20, 2009
I have enough shows from may/june 1975. The matinee show from may 31, 1975 I have on the bootleg "A Wild Weekend In Huntsville". We have the FTD's "Dixieland Rocks" and "Southern Nights". On the box "Elvis Aron Presley" we have the show from Dallas, June 6, 1975. Good shows, but that's enough for me. I still keep hoping for a show from a month later july 1975...
Dazman wrote on April 20, 2009
As a concert completist who prefers to support legal releases, i'm quite happy to support this one, 'cause i hope to find better versions of tracks like T-R-O-U-B-L-E, The Wonder of You, Burning Love & Trilogy from this tour. Previous versions of these just didn't cut it for me. My main concern is that there are still other tours FTD still haven't accountered for including a show from the dynamite July tour which i'm hangin' out for.According to JAT's Sessions III soundboard list theres at least a handful of shows for FTD to get started on.
Smile:-) wrote on April 20, 2009
Yes, bring on the Classic Albums! But first of all those who will never make the record shops (Jailhouse Rock and Flaming Star EP's, the rest of the soundtracks (Roustabout a.o), Elvis (Fool), Good Times, EP Boulevard and In Concert). Even if the CD-age may sing on it's final verse, all classic albums should be available in the shops (physical and on-line) for the next 3-5 years! About 30 original titles (studio and live). This is crucial! As a manifest to the genious of Elvis, to show faith in his work and to lay the basic foundation for future earnings, being it physical or virtual sales. Delete all compilations except the essential ones (movies, SUN, gospel, 1963-64, 1966-68, one greatest hits, one love songs and one blues). The company doesn't show faith in his artist by re-packing his work all the time. Elvis as an artist looses his credibility in this way! It is a crying shame that Elvis Is Back! has been obsolete in the shops for years. Look at all other major artists like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, U2, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Madonna etc. They are always focusing and promoting their back-catalogue. This summer/fall Beatles and the Stones will release their entire back catalogue remastered! Thake the hint Sony? No new cheap compilations!
dannyboy1 wrote on April 20, 2009
Since the beginning of the FTD label I have bought every release faithfully. In the last few months I've fallen behind a little due to finances, but like EJF, I doubt I will even consider this title. These will be good shows for sure, but we already have a LOT of good shows. There's nothing on these to make them essential purchases. And money is tight. The withdrawal symptoms are tough when you are simply no longer able to buy EVERYTHING any more.
elvis sweden wrote on April 20, 2009
We will get better sound if FTD release them and it will be legal to have.I'll buy or trade for the original as usual.I have all the FTD on original so i'll go on for as long as I can.I think all elvis fans prefer FTD before bootlegs.
JerryNodak wrote on April 20, 2009
I have absolutely no interest in this release. But to each their own.
Lex wrote on April 20, 2009
A great April 20 joke!
John4126 wrote on April 20, 2009
One to skip for me. As previously stated by others there is plenty of officially relesed materail from around this time. Makes you wonder what if anything they have left in the vaults by way of soundboards.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on April 20, 2009
I'll skip this one as well.
lray wrote on April 20, 2009
This sounds like a April fools joke, a bit late though. FTD already has Southern Nights and Dixieland Rocks. Since when do they do booklets with these. And they are cooperating with someone else!!! I'll wait for an official announcement.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 20, 2009
If this is really the release,how do you know it will have better sound? Ftd doesnt always get the sound right,also could ernie confirm that they do have many shows in the vault as has been stated before,and why is there such a lack of communication from the label? i was interested in a aug 70 show or july 75 soundboard,or even a on stage upgrade but not this!
Jim Hoff wrote on April 20, 2009
Jabbadabbadoooo! Hound Dog is on this one!
Ronaldv wrote on April 20, 2009
Unbelievable! So many unreleased soundboard shows in the vaults...And they even release the well known boot classics which most ot the fans already have. What a lousy idea. Maybe Ernst should make an extra trip in the vaults, to look for the May 30th Huntsville show? Maybe a sounboard from june 7th 1975?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 20, 2009
He is gonna teach us all a lesson,its not just that these are well known shows from boots but they covered these shows with southern nights,we seem to keep going over the same material,if theres so many shows in there vaults whats with the waiting on putting out something special!
Natha wrote on April 20, 2009
I am also sorry to say that I used to be a loyal FTD fan, but the last and this one I skip. Due to financial reasons I first see if it is new material and if not whether or not it has noticeable sound improvements.
Coronel Parker wrote on April 20, 2009
This is the end...
SPK wrote on April 20, 2009
From a dedicated fan from the beginning of FTD, and now questioning all the latest releases. Where in the world is the Sun box and Louisiana Hayride 56 unreleased show. FTD releases should be all unreleased or unreleased on CD. I welcome completing the soundtrack titles, but I even passed on Blue Hawaii. Come on now FTD...put out the proper releases and see sales return and go up.
dukebrando76 wrote on April 20, 2009
I welcome any new live show as i now own close to seven hundred shows! I will not wait for the legal releases as they pussyfoot the dates and I WANT THE ENTIRE COLLECTION BEFORE I DIE!
theoldscudder wrote on April 20, 2009
I just don't get it. These endless concert releases are so redundant in their song content even almost down to the song sequence. Why would you buy this if you have numerous other concerts from the same year. Someone please tell me why you would buy this.
Herman wrote on April 20, 2009
C'mon people, don't forget that there are a lot of new Elvis' fan every year. Maybe they don't have any of this tour. As for myself: I allready have the 14 cd box "Elvis Tour number 14" with 4 Huntsville shows on it. And I'm also gonna buy this one because until now I have every FTD release. Some FTD are better than the other. But FTD allready gave us some great releases. I am very happy with the FTD label and it's so simpel: If you don't like this release than don't buy it ! And for the people who's gonna buy this one: Enjoy !
dgirl wrote on April 20, 2009
oldscudder - why would they buy this? Because some fans have to have every single word of Elvis that was ever recorded. Rational fans like you and I dont understand this but that is why the word fan is short for fanatic. The point is, once you have this will anyone ever listen to it more than a half dozen times(or more than once) in their lifetime? If Elvis gave a different show like Springsteen everytime he hit the stage, I may understand. I know a Bruce fanatic who saw 30 shows in the last 5 years. The set list was different everytime except for about 4-5 songs! The guy is nearly 60 and mixes up his shows like they are brand new everytime. I know Elvis is the King, but I dont think he was the greatest live performer anymore. These shows, even if he was 'on' are basically the same reduntant shows. Dont need to hear more Olivia covers when he had a catalog second to none to choose from. No thanks.
Cruiser621 wrote on April 20, 2009
Not another concert please; the same songs over and over. Please let it end. I've been a loyal FTD buyer since the beginning but this is redundant. Studio outtakes I by.
Steve V wrote on April 20, 2009
At this point I would only be interested in a concert I have attended, mainly July 1975 at the Nassau Colesium. He sang You'll Never Walk Alone at the piano, yes a different song! Why wont this ever come out? All the other live shows I dont care about. And I tend to agree with dgirl about Elvis the live performer. 1969 & 1970 were great, beyond compare. After that auto-pilot 75% of the time. Even Aloha. There are guys nearly twice Elvis' age (yes like Bruce) that make Aloha seem like a show for retired seniors. No one sang as well as , but Elvis did not give 100% on that show and many others.
Jim says hello wrote on April 21, 2009
I'll take a 2CD set for the price of one anytime... and Elvis was belting out some huge high notes on this 75 tour. There's always some great moments like his alternate harmonies throughout How Great Thou Art and on the 'whoa whoa whoas' toward the end of The Wonder of You, his variation on the melody of Let Me Be There (usually a tedious song but much more entertaining once he started toying around with it), and I always get a buzz of anticipation at whether he'll take the roof off at the end of I Can't Stop Loving You... sure the song list may have stayed the same but on the ones he enjoyed he has unique moments that make my ongoing Elvis quest worthwhile and hopefully endless.
Smile:-) wrote on April 21, 2009
It used to irritate me that Elvis didn't change his setlist more. But after I have seen many other artists live, I had to reconsider. Some artists (like Springsteen) are cahnging their setlists constantly, but most of them present setlists more static than Elvis. Not only for one tour, but for ages! Of course Elvis had some standards, but he did quite some changes. Almost every night he made small changes and the 1969 sitlist is totally diferent from 1970-71. 1972-73 are again different with all the new itroductions in Jan. '72. In 1974 som elements remained, but significant parts of the setlist was changed. Then in 1975 the setlist was renewed again with many songs from his latest releases. Very few oldies in fact. The 1976-77 period presents setlists which must be considered a mix of all the previous years. If I could choose, I would have liked to see Elvis in 1974 (spring) or summer 1975 (June-July). He still looked good, he was in great spirits, he had an updated setlist and he had that warmth and power in his voice heard neither before nor after. And finally his contact with the audience was obviously good (which was almost a non excisting thing in 1972-73). Luckily enough these 1975-shows are new to many fans, and they will be officially available in one way or another for the years to come:)
Aron wrote on April 21, 2009
Sorry, Ernst! I got them all in a very good sound quality.
Lefty wrote on April 21, 2009
I could imagine FTD trying once again to take back what Madison ran away with, but I'm suspicious about this announcement. The blog writer may be having a little sport with the fans? If so, no harm done. It's something to think about. I have one of the Huntsville shows (June 1st Afternoon) and Elvis sounded totally bored, if not a wee bit stoned. One spin in the player, and on to the shelf it goes. The best show from this tour was the closing in Memphis on June 10. Relevant to the period, Elvis was right on the mark with the performance. One of my favorite versions of HGTA is from that show.
sitdown68 wrote on April 21, 2009
I remember the silver box where the edited '75 show came out. I liked it a lot and still do. I was even at Jackson MS in 91 where he did the benefit concert and another good show. What I absolutely love from thes tapes are the versions of Funny How Time Slips Away. They realxed way they're done is just great job. I guess, 75 was his last good year, or am I wrong. Anyway, I am not a completist, so...
benny scott wrote on April 21, 2009
sitdown68 : you're only wrong writing you attended the jackson show in...1991 ! Typo of course. To all of you complaining it's a concert again, available on other sources ( bootlegs ) : i can understand your statements, but don't forget a lot of fans never had the possibility to purchase those "imports". I'm sure those bootlegs were not available in many countries, so, imho, this FTD-release will sell . Always El.
IndescribablyBlue wrote on April 21, 2009
When they say "multimedia box set", are they going to combine this FTD release with the next book release "Dixieland Delight"? I'd hate to buy this CD only to find out that I would have to pay for it again if I wanted to have the book as well. Hopefully this will be cleared up soon.
benny scott wrote on April 21, 2009
Indescrabebly Blue : the book "Dixiland Delight" (+ DVD) will be issued in July and there will be foreseen space to insert the CD, so you won't have to buy the CD a second time. Hope this info helped. Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 21, 2009
This news is correct,i got an email from bud glass,they already covered these shows with southern nights,Ftd is too much about duplication for my taste!
TBG wrote on April 21, 2009
If that cover is the one they're gonna use I love it!
FJE wrote on April 21, 2009
TBG: U like that cover?! To me he looks like he's breaking wind!!!
JerryNodak wrote on April 21, 2009
Buy it twice? I'm not buying it at all. Not separately or in the Bud Glass package. If a soundboard from Nov. 5, 1971, would show up I'd bee very interested. Otherwise they can keeo releasing soundboards 'til Hell freezes over for all I care.
tintinesk wrote on April 21, 2009
Is this supposed blog info 100% reliable? If so, I don't see nothing bad in FTD releasing parts of these (good) shows, no matter if I have them on bootleg already or not. FTD should not bother with what bootleggers have released. And this is coming from an avid bootleg collector! Their job is to document Elvis' live and studio work as best as they can with what they have available. They're working with a small team and a great work-load. Hats off to Ernst and his partners. They have more hits than misses. And remember, Elvis didn't always produce top-shelf material. So they have to work with what Elvis left behind. And don't think Ernst doesn't read fan comments, he does and he cares. Nobody is perfect but if you think about what Ernst has done since the late 80s for Elvis' music catalogue, it's staggering!
wmarkj wrote on April 21, 2009
Cool, I've never heard Elvis sing these songs before. (joking)
dukebrando76 wrote on April 22, 2009
It is Elvis and thats all I need to make my purchase. A live show is twice the thrill no matter how many have been released... At least till I get 1151 shows which is 69 to 77 in completeness.
dgirl wrote on April 22, 2009
So if its Elvis totally slurring and swallowing words for 90 minutes hours thats all you will need to make your purchase, just knowing that its Elvis? I mean Im being extreme but thats how some fans make it sound. It could be a horrendous release (not saying this is) but as long as its Elvis, its justified for a purchase. Cant ration with fans like that and cant have a sensible dialog.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 22, 2009
dgirl me and you agree on some subjects,but june 75 shows Elvis in great spirits and his voice sounds great,i do know that the shows are pretty much the same songs,i dont need this release i have southern nights and some of the imports,and yes many fans will buy anything thrown at them,im not one of them,i dont live for the next Ftd release!
dukebrando76 wrote on April 22, 2009
I moved to Memphis 2 yrs ago because of Elvis. I now work with George Klein. IF it is ELVIS thats all I need. Im about as hardcore as one can get and dont feel i have to explain why elvis. If you dont get that you probably never will. Elvis is that damn cool and even on a bad show He is still better than any of the crap on todays radio.
Nicod98 wrote on April 22, 2009
FTD has released a few mediocre and even downright bad releases, but does that mean that FTD is bad? There are obviously a few people hanging out here who buy every bootleg that is out there. They surely have to acknowledge that there are a lot of "bad" (and even "worse") bootlegs as wel. I stopped buying bootlegs when FTD came along. Fans in the seventies and eighties had to beg to the record company for years to get fan-centered releases, and now that they are here, they can't stop complaining about them. I'm not planning to give up. I'll buy every FTD for as long as I can. If we all stop buying FTD's only because we have similar concerts on bootleg albums, FTD will eventually stop producing great stuff as well. If we all stop buying bootlegs, the bootleg production will stop, and FTD will have better sales - and as a result - more money to invest in new releases. Perhaps we should help thinking with Ernst about how to promote FTD in the future. Surely the days of "good old CD's" are coming to an end. So, Elvis and his music must continue into the digital downloads era! Perhaps a good FTD website where fans can listen to excerpts and give an opinion to the FTD team might be a good solution. In the future it might link to a Sony legal download site. They could even release - preferably at a cheaper price - unique recordings that are available through downloads only. Hey, the website might even be a good place to put the missing liner notes for the FTD 5" series! ;-) So, if anybody (perhaps elvisnews.com?) could make this happen, perhaps we (the fans) might be communicating in a more positive manner to Ernst and co. Perhaps something good might come out of it. This doesn't mean I always agree with the FTD-team: please give us the Sun box we are all waiting for! For now, I'll just buy this '75 release...
Dazman wrote on April 22, 2009
Did you know that its coming up to 10 years this July of FTD's tenure, but unfortunately no sign of anything major on the horizon. By rights FTD should be using this year as a deadline for the Sun-era CD/book project. Here are some of my ideas:July '75 soundboard, Elvis ('68 Comeback) 7" Classic Album re-issue to commemorate FTD's first release Burbank '68, "In Concert" re-issue, either of the '69 Memphis albums for the 40th anniversary and a 2CD set containing (CD1) Aug 12 '70DS & (CD2) Aug 10 '70 stage rehearsal + the best from other rehearsal sessions.
dgirl wrote on April 22, 2009
mature_elvis - I agree 1975 was good year. probably the best 70's year after 1970-1972 for tours & studio recordings. I am just amazed how some fans buy anything & everything put out on Elvis without even thinking about it.
IndescribablyBlue wrote on April 22, 2009
Benny Scott, thanks for the info. It always helps to get the right news. I checked my FTD Southern Nights song list and found that there are plenty of differences to make this FTD release worth picking up.
Jamie wrote on April 22, 2009
Hello, there's a demand for Elvis's '70s concerts on CD despite some poor quality unauthorised source tapes. FTD giving a legitimate release to 'live' bootlegs is fine by me. Fans get a product in optimal sound and presentation quality and are protected by consumer legislation this way. Personally, I just can't do Elvis 'live' much after c. 1972 - and even that's a stretch. Elvis was struggling in many ways in the '70s and he toured because doing so represented the only means of generating the revenue he'd become used to. There was no pretension to artistic creativity, and to listen to these shows shorn of a concert hall atmosphere and the sight of Elvis performing in person is akin to taking them out of their context. But, hey, if you want to own this CD buy it and enjoy it.
Ciscoking wrote on April 23, 2009
The choice is fine by me. The shows belong to the best Elvis ever gave and it is only fair to make them accessible to not only 1000 fans...but 10.000 fans who will buy it..
JerryNodak wrote on April 23, 2009
I'm wondering why on earth anyone would feel the need to own the entire Elvis soundboard collection from the BMG vault? That's hundreds and hunderds of soundboards with virtually the same songs in the same order over and over again. Once you have them you'll only listen to most of them once and then never listen again. Why? Because the sound is awful and Elvis gave many bad concerts and you'll own many of them. I've got it! You're planning to leave your collection to your heirs. The money they get when they sell it will help pay for your funeral expenses.
dukebrando76 wrote on April 23, 2009
its elvis and for the ones who dont understand YOU NEVER WILL. why Elvis? He still kicks ass AND even if you hear repetition on them he still commanded his audiences. And no WHEN I DIE I am takin my collection of live shows down with me. i worked to get em and im keepin em. THIRD EXPLANATION FOR idiots who dont or cant read
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 23, 2009
Duke your kinda scary,lol but ok then you like soundboards,keep rockin then!
Steve V wrote on April 23, 2009
dukebrando - I never want to hear Elvis embararrasing himself, and he did this many times in with sloppy and yes, bad shows, whatever the reason. Sorry, he wasnt kicking ass then and many other artists gave better shows. Like I said just because it was Elvis doesnt meant it was great. Fans (?) like you make the world view us Elvis fans as a strange lot, no offense.
djm wrote on April 23, 2009
better take something to play them on then....dont want to get down there and suddenly realize you`ve no cd player.
theoldscudder wrote on April 23, 2009
Come on dukebrando be optimistic you may be going up instead of down. Just remember don't play the music too loud. 1000+ versions of Elvis requesting JD to go lower will try the patience of even a saint.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 23, 2009
Before Ftd and imports i always wondered what it be like to have live shows of Elvis in the 70's.of course i assumed there would be great song lineups and song changes through the tour and years, but once i found imports and Ftd i found out quickly that just wasnt the case,i like Elvis,i always will,but i dont need to hear everything,some of it is just plain boring and i dont understand how anyone could sing the same songs every night and keep there sanity,75 does have some great entertaining shows,but it is amazing that all those shows and yet the songs lists stayed the same for months before a change and when there was a change it was not a big one!
tornado wrote on April 25, 2009
I guess FTD is keeping it's words by releasing every uttering performances from all the tours and periods of Elvis' career. In doing so they try to satisfy every kind of fans of Elvis and there are those who digs the lives shows in the 70's, so much so that they still appreciate a redundant line up of songs from one show to another. That's the way it goes into this business. So for those of you who will enjoy Dixieland Delights, I wish the best sound possible since this is after all a soundboard. Personnaly, I have enough of soundboards. Hope you don't mind, but I'll pass this time and wait for, I hope for, the How Great Thou Art Session and the rest of the Stax sessions. The true recordings, in my humble opinion should have priority, be presented at each release, along with soundboards, as a second choice, but never in place of the real stuff. There's at least 15 true albums left to be restored in the Classics series at FTD, they should come first all the time with or without a soundboard.
mholdr wrote on April 29, 2009
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn, another live performance. I predict its the worst selling FTD ever.
JeanneMG wrote on April 29, 2009
Good selection Mr Joergenson. But why didn't FTD release it in a Double CD digipack format (I have all shows from Huntsville that were indeed ALL excellent concerts; in fact, superb Adios and also Wild week-end in Alabama). Just heard they have now traced back and found all outtakes of Speedway and Roustabout (next FTD releases?)
tornado wrote on April 30, 2009
Okay JeanneMG, let's try to be more specific here. When you pretend to know that "they", wich means Ernst and Roger recently found all the outtakes of Speedway and Roustabout, better be prepared for real action here. Naturally, if this is true, it's great news and it begs to be the next FTD releases after Dixieland Delights. If not, your credibility it ruined for life. I'd like very much to know from wich source your "heard" that. We've had our share of deceptions over the years, I hope it's not another one.
JeanneMG wrote on May 01, 2009
Nobody reveals his/her sources here tornado boy. I'll only say I know it from people that work with/for FTD (and there is more to come, they have also asked those same people that I refer to for to provide all memorabilia materials that they can find of original old GI Blues records and photos....Same for difficult to find any promo materials of Roustabout and Speedway... Peacock in London having trouble in finding those. Do I need to say more ? My source is all the way up there, believe me. Also Good Times Classic album to be considered as next FTD release.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 01, 2009
Speedway outtakes? how have we lived this long without them!
Greg Nolan wrote on May 01, 2009
What jaded people one finds on Elvisnews.com! I admit that this is a very low-priority release for me - it was so recently covered so well by several of the better import labels, but at least FTD is releasing a lot of stuff for all kinds of fans. I still eventually enjoy collecting them all. Dgirl, I understand Elvis' shows in their way are less interesting than Springsteen in terms of nightly changes and surprises, but I'll take *any* Elvis show over him. And I agree that the dedicated (okay, fanatical) fan listens for slight differences and often does find them - Elvis' vocal inflections, slight shake-ups and other varieties from season to season. FTD was created to fill the need for Elvis fans wanting unreleased product and they are doing it - even if they sometimes lay what some folks view as an egg. I wish they'd had covered something else (the nice "Nevada Nights" package was somewhat redundant for import fans) but so it goes. No one is forcing you to buy each and every recording of what many of us consider the best singer of the 20th century. If you're just a casual fan or have "been there, done that" like Steve V., than why go on and on with commentary if you're not that interested in the first place? He's gone 30 years plus and the pickings are comparatively slim. Only die-hards follow such recordings. If that's not you, I respectfully suggest moving on!
tornado wrote on May 01, 2009
Thank you for answering to my worries JeanneMG. What you said couldn't make me more happier. The recent discovery of I'm A Roustabout that was rejected for the final movie theme, reveals a lot about Mr Wallis's sensitivity on certain matters. The important thing now is that our men at FTD make a move on this ASAP. Since I decided that you were honest and true, I will say like the man said in 1968: " It never ceases to amaze me...." but this time not about the girls who became crazy when they saw Elvis, but how we can still dig up some lost tapes after 30 years. Incredible! I guess we must also thanks our guys at FTD for not quiting the search. Raiders of the Lost Tapes, I call them. Let's hope for some official announcement soon.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 01, 2009
Greg lighten up,speedway is not a classic album,Back In Memphis is a classic album,how does someone not likeing something make them jaded?
tornado wrote on May 02, 2009
Mature, I'm not sure If I appreciate your humour about Speedway. "Speedway outtakes? how have we lived this long without them!¨sounds pretty cynical. Why is it that some fans always find a way to despise the movie soundtracks Elvis recorded? What's the point in this kind of forum to put down the very product itself, just for the pleasure of it? I don't get it. It's like saying: "Oh, I know so much better than you about music and about Elvis's music. For a good part, I think it's all about personnal taste And the definition of what is exactly a classic album is not yet clear. For what we know, Ernst and Roger decided to treat every album in the "classic" series. I hear people saying: Elvis hate the movie soundtracks, then why did he do it? And don't tell me he was trapped in the Colonel's schemes. All in all, as we see today, Elvis felt pretty comfortable with the Colonel's deal, It paid! That's what he said in an interview :"as long as it pays..." Everybody is entitle to his opinion, yes, but the way some fans are looking at certains albums, is like saying in fact, "if you like this kind of music, then you're a morron? That's what lies under cetains statements. Well, let me say this, If that's the case, then Elvis was probably the very first morron in line in recording these movie soundtracks. And if he recorded these songs just for the money and his morron fans, then I don't see why you would care to write about a guy that would be such jerk. We all know that inspite of some inferior material, Elvis sincerely sang the best he could to deliver the nugget of a tune. And only for that, above any other consideration, he deserves our respect and so the songs he willingly put on tape. I welcome the finds of outtakes from Speedway and even more from Roustabout And if one of the Stax album, Good time, comes out soon, I'll welcome it warmly in my collection. There's always something for everybody in Elvis, that's the magic of his artistery and legacy.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 02, 2009
Yes it is cynical,speedway is not a classic album and they could take the best outtakes from speedway and other movie soundtrackas and pout them on one cd instead of putting them in the classic series,we already know that the doulbe features cd's feature better sound,so why bother with the soundtracks if we get worst sound? By the way i do like some of the movie songs and i have never calimed to know more about aqny music than anyone although there are those types in the music world expecially the when it comes to Elvis,i am a bit sarcastic but never will you see me attack anyone! have fun after all its suppose to be fun!
tornado wrote on May 02, 2009
Define "Classic" Mature. Is it a best seller?. Elvis Is Back is THE classic album to me, but it was never his biggest seller. Annoying, yes I know, but G.I. Blues sold twice as more. Go figure! Joe publlic is one thing, documented fans are another. I agree that Speedway wasn't that good. Roustabout is much better and it sold like hot cakes back then, with only 10 songs for around 30 minutes of music. In any case, if JeanneMG is right, we can all welcome the news, and take what's best out of it. Each his own things. What ever the case, Ernst and Roger seems to think that the 7 inches treatment is needed for album such as Roustabout and Speedway: especially if the sessions tapes were recovered. What's amazing, is that they still can find these things after 30 years, frankly I didn't think they would - assuming JeanneMG is right of course, wich I hope.Now, just in case this whole discussion is totaly vain, let's hope Ernst will make some announcement soon to valid these surprising finds. One question remains for me though. How come I'm almost the only one who reacted to JeanneMG? Surely, other fans must be intrigued by her statement.
tornado wrote on May 03, 2009
One more thing, I'd say that FTD on most classic releases have improved the sound but there are two exceptions. Frankie And Johnny & Harum Scarum had far better mixes in the Double Features series: at least for the master takes. And you're right, it's all about fun at the end. And I guess we all have our priority list on the next release. Will they find one day the stereo mix of the Follow That Dream masters? But I must say, that the alternates we have are so close to the masters, would it make a difference? Still it would be "fun" to have them also. We're fans aren't we?
Greg Nolan wrote on May 03, 2009
"Mature"_ I didn't say anything about your "Speedway" comment. "Thou Dost Protest Too Much," as was once said. So when I talk about jaded commentators on Elvisnews, I may or may not have meant you. But now that you ask about it, yes, I do find the constant negativity (and sheer repetition) of your commentary here very tedious as a rule. It has nothing to do at all with being "light" or not. I actually think it's a fine time to be an Elvis fan. As was said, 30 years on, we are still finding unreleased tracks to release. Factor in that money will always have to be made in order to justify such packages and it all works out in the end. The constant complaining about FTD and the import world, now that you bring it up, doesn't help anyone. Committed fans are looking for intelligent and informed criticism and commentary - as well as normal English punctuation, grammar and spelling. Given the number of non-native speakers here, you'd think you would make an effort by proof-reading instead of just hitting "save" when obviously you don't even proof-read your many, many comments here. It's a pain but I try to do it. So apparently do the many fans whose native language is Dutch, Swedish, French, etc. You can do it too if you try.
Greg Nolan wrote on May 03, 2009
P.S. Returning to the subject at hand, this set is a bit "over-documented" of late but in fairness to the guys at the RCA helm at SONY, the Follow That Dream label was created to continue to officially document rare tapes and apparently each tour whenever they can access tapes. File this one, however, as an example of FTD being a bit behind the curve. Even the cover photo, as great as it is, was used to fine effect in the last year or two. I suppose they can't always hit a home-run but then I've defended "Unchained Melody," and the like!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 03, 2009
Tornado,classic are back in memphis ,from elvis in memphis,there r others,but sometimes its just common sence that needs to be used,speedway is no classic none of his soundtracks are,and if there going to do the soundtracks then do 2 cd's when possible,as for not many others responding to the comments about speedway outtakes,well there have been so many rtumors that people mught figures why bother untill ernie tells them what is what!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 03, 2009
Tornado yes it is about fun,and fans should remember that other fans are the ones who help Ftd survive and if they dont like what other fans have to say then let it go,with out eachother there would be no Ftd,but this will never happen,but i thank you tornado for taking the high road and having respect for my comments as i do yours!
tornado wrote on May 04, 2009
By the way, Mature, I've got an emai from the man himself. He made pretty clear that there were no such finds for Speedway and Roustabout, He never heard of it. So much for JeanneMG's credibility here. In the mean time, let'a hope Good Time is in line for next release...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 04, 2009
Well i kinda expected that would be the result,thanks for the update,the staxs sessions are among my favorites!