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FTD Site In The Works?

April 25, 2009 | Other

 Fans have been asking for a long time for an official website for the Follow That Dream Collector's label. Until recently the domain www.followthatdream.com was empty. But now a placeholder with the FTD logo is shown featuring the text "New site currently under construction".  

Source:Follow That Dream
Lex wrote on April 25, 2009
Great, especially that more photos link :-)
IndescribablyBlue wrote on April 25, 2009
What an awesome front page. Hope they keep this one. This will be a very cool addition to my "favorite Elvis links."
Santa Claus wrote on April 26, 2009
It's about time. The childish arrogance with which Ernst cancelled all contacts to the fans -his paying customers- was unbearable for me. Maybe some objective communication can be re-established through this site.
burton wrote on April 26, 2009
When it was 1st announced that F.T.D would be set up it was supposed to be for the fans only, & now any commercial venture can partake in this. Oh I forgot, Ernst needs his pension fund topping up.
sitdown68 wrote on April 26, 2009
shouldn't it have been launched long ago along with its first release? normally it works like that, or not?
Lawman wrote on April 26, 2009
For the love of God please stop blaming Ernst Jorgensen for everything FTD does that you don't agree with. Do you really believe he alone decides what gets released and when? Think for a minute where we would be today if it weren't for the perseverence of this man. And while I'm ranting: there are some people here who whine they have the "right" to own every snippet of music Elvis ever recorded or every piece of film about him. Guess what: no, you don't. The rights to the material belong to the respective copyright holders and they can choose what to do with it and that includes NOT releasing it or even destroying it for that matter. Sorry for the harsh tone, but I (finally) had that to get that out of my system.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 26, 2009
I for one dont want every snippet of everything Elvis,that would be very costly,and yes a website should have been around along time ago,many many fans have no clue there even a collectors label and since they have decided that Ftd is the only way they want to release anything new, its even more important to let fans know you excist,as for ernst i wont get into that,the label doesnt have the best communication skills,thats all i will say!
Rejane wrote on April 26, 2009
Well I think the website sounds like a great idea but only if it's to provide info on their releases that is sadly missing from the cd's themselves. It's very hard sometimes to appreciate what you are listening to with no background informtion on the chatter you hear, most of the time you don't even know who's speaking! You would need a book like Elvis Day by Day or something like that to even guess at what's going on! Hiopefully there will be a forum for the exchange of information if only between the fans!
tornado wrote on April 27, 2009
I tend to agree more with Rejane and Mature here. There is certainly a need for more info on the FTD releases. I always was disapointed when ETMAHM and Elvis Unlimited couldn't get any more interviews with Ernst when a new release came out over the years, giving us details we enjoy so much as fans. For instance who's playing acoustic guitar on such or such song... Okay, I don't need that to live my life, I know, but it's fun to read about it and being a fan is all about details finally. Like you, although I keep faith in Ernst as the best man for the job, I resent his mutism in this matter.
JeanneMG wrote on April 28, 2009
Bravo Ernst or Roger. When does it start operations ?
boris wrote on April 29, 2009
Overall FTD does a fantastic job and I'm very grateful they do it considering what market shares in terms of sales and profits they can hope for for such products. I guess it takes both passion and self abnigation to run most of these projects. A website would be a great asset specially if they add a "buy online" option. FTD albums are hard to find nowadays.