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Flyer Las Vegas Menu

April 22, 2009 | Music

This is the flyer for the new JAT Publishing 40th Anniversary commemorative re-print of the July 31, 1969 Las Vegas Menu, which will be available June 1st. 2009. The menu is as a matter of fact the sleeve for the CD After Midnight, containing many celebrity interviews recorded after the much-celebrated July 31 V.I.P. Show. You can pre-order the set now at JAT's website.

Source:JAT Publishing

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sitdown68 wrote on April 22, 2009
this should be done by FTD along with the original openning tape ore the closest recording ever to the openning or a booth tape of the very event, maybe he'll put some thirty seconds of silent footage on it...;-)
Mofoca22 wrote on April 22, 2009
you never know what can happen july/august is still far off they may very well release it by supprise to all the fans. 1 could only hope. thats the show everyone wants more than the rest i think other than the very last concert.
vegaselvisfan wrote on April 22, 2009
this is the wrong menu for july 31, 1969. i know , because i own one. the menu for that night consisted of only appetizers & desert & coffee. no prices were listed. the left side just says: international hotel, 1969, las vegas. mine even has celebrity autographs :) the one being reprinted is for august 1969, but i repeat, not july 31. other than that inaccuracy, this is a nice package.
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 23, 2009
I've pre-ordered mine, I also listed many things, such as my wife and children, on ebay to get the financial resources..
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 23, 2009
Jerome as ive told you before,its good to see some ELvis fans with there prioritys right! lol
genedin wrote on April 24, 2009
who gives a crap about a fake menu. stop filling this guys pockets with money
dgirl wrote on April 25, 2009
Why would anyone spend money (and a lot it seems) for reproductions of items? I never understood this. Going back to fake Suns, bootleg picture sleeves, the triple EP, etc. They are not real. They mean nothing, its like a fake diamond. It will never increase in value. And now a fake menu? Good Lord! If you want a real one save up & bid when one is offered in an auction. Then you can say you have something valuable.