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A Million Dollar Guitar

April 25, 2009 | Other

Up for auction on eBay is the Original Elvis Presley 1969 Black Ebony Custom Gibson Dove Guitar. This is the only guitar of its kind in the entire world. The guitar was played by Elvis in concert and it was made specifically for him. The body of the guitar is black with a Kenpo Karate symbol at the base. The neck has the name Elvis Presley inlaid in mother of pearl. The guitar was thrown in the audience and kept behind lock ever since. The owner tried to sell it before, but nobody bid over 85,000.00 $US. This time, the asking price is one million dollar.

Item ID: 320363368116

theoldscudder wrote on April 25, 2009
It's a great giutar but if the guy couldn't get 85g the first time why would he up it over 10 times in this ecomomy.?Seems to me he should have reduced the price if he really wants to sell. Maybe it's some sort of long term strategy.
Lex wrote on April 25, 2009
Or maybe since people don't trust banks anymore... they might see this as a good investment :-)
Viva wrote on April 26, 2009
This is purporting to be the same guiter as used in Aloha From Hawaii, and one of Elvis' favourites. This stinks. I really don't buy the "Elvis gave it away" line. Anyone out there know the full story of this guitar? Where is it now? If this was genuine, it wouldn't sell on e-bay, the seller would put such an important piece into a reputable auction house at a dedicated memorabelia auction.
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 26, 2009
vague story, not worth the risk..
zbuker wrote on April 26, 2009
Well as far as I remember this guitar was in posession of Hard Rock Cafe in 94, I think in LA, but not fully sure, as I didn't see personally but a friend visiting US took a photo of it in one of HRC. The white sticker on the guitar is a sticker of a certain karate club. Is it still there and how it got there I don't know..
Steve V wrote on April 26, 2009
I agree Viva - real serious pieces like this would be handled by an auction house, not listed on ebay. The listing smells phony as you know what.
lamp light wrote on April 27, 2009
If this is one of a kind and Elvis favorite then why is it not at Graceland? I think this is a very important piece of history and should be on display if it is the real deal.