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Hot Shots And Cool Clips 5 And After Midnight

April 06, 2009 | Video

JAT Publishing announced two new releases. Due for release fall 2009 is volume five in the "Elvis - Hot Shots and Cool Clips" DVD series. 

Available June 1st. 2009 is a 40th Anniversary commemorative July 31, 1969 Las Vegas Menu with the bonus CD "After Midnight," containing many interesting celebrity interviews recorded after the much-celebrated July 31 V.I.P. Show. The CD will also include radio spots and commentary featuring Elvis in Las Vegas. The disc will be included inside the menu, which will be reproduced in its original format of 8 1/2 x 17.

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Santa Claus wrote on April 07, 2009
He shouldn't have announce it. I've heard shortly after the announcement Hot Shots 5 AND 6 were immediatly sold out. lol
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 07, 2009
Hopefully I can obtain a copy of the Blurry shots and Cool Clips..
Steve V wrote on April 07, 2009
Joe 'Colonel' Tunzi is at it again! I guess he left off 30 seconds of unseen footage on volume 4!
sitdown68 wrote on April 08, 2009
I for myself go for one "Hot Shots" tape only. The weird and hilarious movies from the 90's going by the same name...;-)
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 08, 2009
People by this stuff,if not he woudnt make more volumes,who wants radio spots? and its not a bonus cd,he just hopoes that by giving you more crap you will buy,but again there are some willing to line the pockets of such people!
Harvey Alexander wrote on April 08, 2009
Has Joe Tunzi got no shame? How many more sub-standard DVDs, CDs and books is he going to stick out at top dollar prices?
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 08, 2009
Simple answer is no!
HangLoose wrote on April 09, 2009
I would buy it for $10.
Greg Nolan wrote on April 11, 2009
There's no doubt some quality to all his releases -but boy if he ever the Colonel reincarnated!Milkin' it!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 14, 2009
Milking is to be expected with most things Elvis,to me a quality release is giving a good product for buyers hard eanred money,i dont see that happening with these releases or with the other footage dvd's put out by so called fans!