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Elvis 5 CD Box

April 03, 2009 | Music

Due for release from the Music Digital label on May 25, 2009 is the five CD box "Elvis". It features 75 songs on five discs.  

Harvey Alexander wrote on April 03, 2009
Do you think this will contain 'Tennessee Saturday Night'?
JimmyCool wrote on April 04, 2009
Sure Harevy! Along with "Satisfied" and "Uncle Pen". Elvis looks pissed on that cover pic.. as if he knew the content of it (probably '50s material)
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 04, 2009
great addition to any frisbee-collection..
marco31768 wrote on April 04, 2009
Out of copyrights... How many times ???
JimmyCool wrote on April 04, 2009
TellmewhyElvis: "Sick, sober and sorry" is a part of a conversation with Mr. Loggans before singing "Tweedle Dee" I think, when Elvis and the band came late to the show... It's just dialog, from the Hayride shows we all know by heart now.