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The Lost Stereo Tapes

March 22, 2009 | Music

The label Miracle Surface announced this CD in June 2008. Now it finally seems to be released late March or early April (no year was mentioned). The cover changed slightly, since the focus "57" is blurred. Also the track list is altered, and more 1956 recordings show up.  According to the message we've got it is "With real 3-track stereo mix of songs that has been recorded in BINAURAL stereo".


  1. Love Me Tender
  2. Poor Boy
  3. We're Gonna Move
  4. Mean Woman Blues
  5. Peace In The Valley
  6. That's When Your Heartaches Begin
  7. It Is No Secret
  8. Blueberry Hill
  9. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
  10. Is It So Strange
  11. Jailhouse Rock
  12. I Want To Be Free
  13. Treat Me Nice
  14. Don't Leave Me Now
  15. I Beg Of You
  16. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
  17. One NIght Of Sin (with brass overdub)
  18. A Big Hunk O'Love (with unreleased guitar solo)
  19. My Baby Left Me (complete version)
  20. I Need Your Love Tonight (alternate version)
  21. True Love (with strings)
japio wrote on March 22, 2009
I like to hear this. Ok we had Love me tender in stereo but in 1990 we can hear treat me nice in stereo.That was amazing and they did a good job.I hope that this is also the same. But i saw that this announced in 2008 no 2006.I hope also that this is a better project than the glrorous mono s...t ,or other ripoff releases
marco31768 wrote on March 22, 2009
Nothing new for Elvis' collectors... Only a great cover.
commoneverybody wrote on March 23, 2009
Even the cover looks amateurisch..... what a bunch of crap
japio wrote on March 23, 2009
so amateurisch CME, No the rippoffs that are great. With covers that has colors that was bad. somebody let me see a same cover done by an amateur. Wrong color code , dpi size to small .foto wrong cut out, backcover too small,front cover too big. I am a grafic designer and i see that this is done with cheap software. And i brings money ,Cost almost nothing with songs that everbody has . I heard a few tracks for this cd that been taken from a goodsounding tape and it is like the songs love me tender and treat me nice (on the great performances 1990). So mabye the songs are wellknown but now in glourious stereo and not in mono.nothing real new , but a wellcome addtion after all the compilations that came out the last years
Zoltan84 wrote on March 23, 2009
"The Lost Computer Fakes" :)
commoneverybody wrote on March 23, 2009
well.... it still looks amateurish to me :-) Are you sure you´re doin the right job?
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 23, 2009
Personally I'm an expert in sound systems. I can tell you that number 1 - 16 is taken of the WalMart edition. Take 17 (brass overdub) is my little brother playing with the pots and pans, 18 (unreleased guitar solo) is someone smashing his guitar-never meant to be released, take 19 is a copy and paste extend version, take 20 is an altered version, not alternate, and the last one is a version of True Love with strains..
dgirl wrote on March 23, 2009
This is so pitiful. We are so thirsty for new stuff, that now folks are manufactuyring releases like this. Give it up and just play the damn masters which made the King what he was.
Loesje wrote on April 06, 2009
Tell me why (and alter egos) this is NOT a forum! And certainly not a way to reach Mr Jorgenson!