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Preview April Fool's Dinner

March 09, 2009 | Music

Here is a small preview of the Southern Comfort / Audionics import CD "April Fool's Dinner" containing the April 1st, 1975 dinner show. This show was originally released as "Rockin' with Elvis April Fool's Day" on vinyl in 1980 and re-issued straight from vinyl on CD in 1992, complete with pops and clicks.

Source:For Elvis CD Collectors Forum
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 10, 2009
Pay no attention Ftd,we fans dont wont real artwork like this,no just keep putting your collectors cd's in cheap digi packs,with no thought to artwork and nothing like lets say a booklet of pics and info about the contents! love the front cover!
Ciscoking wrote on March 10, 2009
A winner in every sense...no matter what !!!
Ronaldv wrote on March 11, 2009
Glenn D. Hardin was playing piano for Elvis in the whole year 1975 and a small piece of the graceland sessions in february 1976. So Tony brown playing piano on april 1st 1975 ? Your next purchase the elvis bible: elvis the concert years by stein erik Skar?