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March 01, 2009 | Other

The latest issue of The Man And His Music arrived yesterday. This issue gives an interview with Chuck Staley, the guy who shot the homerecording at Sam Phillips' house in 1957, used in This Is Elvis. Nice background information is revealed in El's Leading Ladies. Ciscoking compiled a list of the 10 best audience recordings, including explanation of course. Some detective work is done on actress Barbara Steele, who was kicked out of Flaming Star at the last moment. Of course the regulars like news, reviews, Keith Flynn's It's Midnight... series, are present too.

Source:Magazines: The Man And His Music
Ciscoking wrote on March 01, 2009
Thanks to my friend Keith Flynn ..he was the connection..who made it possible for me to write in this fantastic mag..
You Dont Know Me wrote on March 03, 2009
Yes just got this issue.NOT the most riveting issue but still extremely good reading and in the Bootleg CD 'reviews' I fell off of my chair when (non bootleg audience recording fan)Gordon Minto ACTUALLY enjoyed and recommended the CD 'countdown to Christmas' by STRAIGHT ARROW!!~