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Low Bids In Auction

March 01, 2009 | Other

 The recent Heritage Auction (held last weekend) brought in remarkably low bids. A Hound Dog, given by Elvis to JD Sumner sold for less than 300 $US (298 to be exact), and an Elvis 1957 fan hat sold for even less: just 98 $US. Highlight was a belt, supposedly worn by Elvis (with no picture proof) that sold for 10.157 $US. A jacked worn in the earlt 60'ies (see picture) got a bid of 3734 $US, and a contract signed by Elvis and JD Sumner sold for no more than 4780 $US.

jeremytcb wrote on March 01, 2009
"Remarkably Low Bids"...over $10,000 for an offstage belt is a pretty good chunk of change I would say. Prices for Elvis owned items are still going through the roof. In the last few months here are a few items that have sold: -$7,000 for a black pair of Elvis' boots, -$1,000 for Elvis hub cap! -$44,00 for Elvis Black Star Sapphire ring, ...as for that $300 hound dog...prices are all about the level of documenation and/or photos of Elvis with the item. A stuffed teady bear that Elvis was given onstage (with a photo of him receiving it) went for nearly $2,000 last October from the same auction house. Elvis owned items are one of the most solid investments around.. forget the stock market, it is now gold or Elvis!
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 01, 2009
of course there are low bids, everybody has spent his money on Tunzi..
Ruthie wrote on March 02, 2009
Considering the sorry state of the economy world wide, I don't think those figures are too bad! I am glad someone has money for fun!
EspenK wrote on March 02, 2009
Thats my exact thoughts too, Ruthie.
JimmyCool wrote on March 02, 2009
All those things should be in Graceland.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 03, 2009
I want the guy's music, not his belts, boots or hub-caps! So something was once owned by Elvis - so what?!
lamp light wrote on March 03, 2009
I agree with Jimmy Cool these articles should be at Graceland and not up for auction. I hope someday these money hungary people will run out of things to sell i don't like it never did.
theoldscudder wrote on March 07, 2009
I wonder how much of this stuff is genuine & really owned by Elvis. Just seems there are too many Elvis personal items out there for sale.