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ElvisMatters 24

March 04, 2009 | Other

The new issue of ElvisMatters dropped in the mailbox this week. By far the best magazine in Dutch (okay, it is not too hard to reach that qualification) brings in this issue next to the regulars like news and reviews a nice interview with Peter Guralnick and an interesting piece on Elvis in Paris... and more, much more.

Source:Magazines: ElvisMatters
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 05, 2009
This is just a great magazine. Before my membership I read the Donald Duck, Hustler and Playboy but I decided to change them for this. Although I sometimes think back and miss the pictures (of the Donald Duck) I'm happy that I've joined this fanclub..
Ruthie wrote on March 05, 2009
I guess I have mixed feelings about this magazine. There is no doubt it's a top quality production. However, since I can't read the language, I am paying quite a bit for a lovely picture book. Makes me think I am back in preschool, just enjoying the pictures!