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February 27, 2009 | Book

Sony Special Products will release the i disc CD "Elvis" on April 7, 2009. No Other information is available yet. 

Jerome-the-third wrote on February 27, 2009
I've read an article on the Board meeting of Sony Special Products. The meeting was on coming up with a title for this new 50's compilation cd. After long discussions and suggestions for the title such as 'Elvis Presley', 'Elvis the King', they finally voted to name it 'Elvis'. Another proof of the brilliance of Sony Special Products..
IndescribablyBlue wrote on February 27, 2009
marco31768 wrote on February 27, 2009
LOL twice !
lray wrote on February 28, 2009
I checked on Amazon. It is not a compilation. It is the long version of ELVIS 2nd album at a budget price. They also have listed LOVING YOU and GOLD Vol.2 but no track listing for those two yet. So really all they did was lower the price for what has been out already. Can't complain about that.
tornado wrote on February 28, 2009
Three original albums remain to be upgraded by the 7 inches treatment of FTD: Elvis, Jailhouse Rock and King Creole. Seems Sony took over to rerelease the second LP on the main market, Why not, only the FTD, yet to come version, interests me. Hope one of these three will be available this year on FTD. My guess is that it will be a single cd, since the vaults miss a lot of material on this one, as far as I know. In the mean time, let's hope the one month release will be sustained all along 2009. And please give me the real stuff, not soundboards, enough is enough with those second classes releases from Vegas and on differents tours from the 70's. I really wish Ernst and Roger will complete the collection by 2 or 3 years from now: after, redundant soundboards can flow up to the end of the century. I couldn't care less.
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 01, 2009
wow, I'm sorry but that's a tornado of words, you know?..