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George Klein Up And Running Again

February 15, 2009 | People

George Klein is back on the air again after his car accident from a few weeks back. On Friday, George returned to his Sirius radio program live from Graceland. George read fan cards and letters thanking everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

GK is still on medicine for his injuries and said he has flash backs. GK said he was driving to work about 10:15 AM, January 6, 2009. He says it was raining and he noticed the water on the road when suddenly his car hydroplaned. He flipped over twice in his brand new Caddy and then went down an embankment and his car continued to flip over numerous times. George said he could not get to his cell phone so he reached up and pressed his On Star button. He says the operator told him an ambulance would be there in 15 minutes for him. He was taken to the local Trauma Center. GK said this about his newly purchased car he was driving that day, " It was a hard top and I think that's what saved my life." GK's doctor said George was in a major car accident but he is not a complainer. His injuries were very serious. George suffered a fractured back among other injuries. George is at about 70 percent now and not 100 percent himself yet. So keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

George's car is at a repair shop in Memphis. And he immediately sent someone over to recover his Elvis license plate. GK was very influential in the campaign to get those plates for the Med in Memphis. He was one of the first to receive one. So he made sure that was one of the first things he got back from the accident. George also said he was not wearing his seat belt that day. But he has started wearing one everyday since the accident. George is still pretty shook up about his accident. And we can't say that we blame him. 

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on February 16, 2009
Good to hear George is ok again. I met him while he was in London.
circleG wrote on February 17, 2009
always wear your seat belt GK ! Glad your on the mend.
lamp light wrote on February 18, 2009
God Bless you GK our prayers are with you for a complete recovery and always wear your seat belt.