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Elvis NBC TV Special Spanish Re-issue

February 21, 2009 | Music

This is the fourth re-issue from the Spanish "La Vanguardia" (Catalonia) newspaper. This week "Elvis NBC TV Special" was re-issued with a deluxe 30 pages booklet. 

Aarons wrote on February 22, 2009
One question why is there a 50's image on the front?
elvistruth wrote on February 23, 2009
Really faboulous collection in Spain!!!! Remember these are 20 titles each week with the newspaper "La Vanguardia" (founded in 1881), from Barcelona. The reason for picture at the disk it's simple: it's the same design for all the collection!!! The books are gorgeous, well researched and many million times better that most compilations of rest of Central or East Europe. Remember that Spain is the 10th powerous country in the world. Last but not least, the sound in this collection is slightly better that on previous releases (only surpassed at my collection fot 20bit japanese same title ones) and only for that this collection merely being remembered. And this is not the first time something so happen in Spain. Last year another spanish newspaper, "El País", released a great collection of the greatest ever singer (along Elvis) Frank Sinatra, exclusively here in Spain and also in Portugal (with the portuguese edition of the formerly spanish newspaper) with the blessing of Sinatra family and with an outstanding sound quality and great books. So please change your perception about Spain because the reality is very different and in the next years even will be most important in the world.