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Elvis Photo's Fate Still A Mystery

February 09, 2009 | Other
The fate of the famous photo of Elvis in his coffin apparently will remain a mystery. A federal lawsuit in West Palm Beach over the photo valued at $1 million ended last week when all involved agreed to dismiss their claims.

Such action typically means a settlement was reached, but attorneys representing the warring parties couldn't be reached for comment despite attempts by phone.

Questions about the photo were central to a lawsuit filed last year by Boca Raton developer David Rustine, who bought the anthrax-ravaged former headquarters of the National Enquirer. The tabloid set sales records when it published the photo shortly after Elvis Presley's 1977 death.

Rustine claimed John Mason, head of a New York company hired to clean the building, snatched it. Mason claimed the photo was destroyed when the building was fumigated and then countersued Rustine for defamation.
Source:Elvis Information Network
Ally wrote on February 09, 2009
I don't care if I ever see this photo again. I for one am glad it's gone.
dannyboy1 wrote on February 09, 2009
I have never been convinced that it's not a fake, anyway. It doesn't look genuine, and the National Enquirer are not exactly the epitome of honest, accurate and ethical reporting.
sitdown68 wrote on February 10, 2009
good it's gone.
Pedro Nuno wrote on February 10, 2009
To me it's not gone. I have it in my photo files! And you can probably find it over internet. Honestly never cared much about it.
genedin wrote on February 10, 2009
did i read once that that picture was taken by caroline kennedy? also pedro nuno,if you didnt care for it that muhc why do you have it in your files? just a question.
samcra wrote on February 10, 2009
genedin, No. The photo was taken supposedly by a sleazy cousin of Elvis, and sold to the National Enquire for the sum of $ 50,000. I may wrong on the money amount. Could have been $ 5000 ... not sure.
genedin wrote on February 11, 2009
is that right samcra,i thought it was her using her somewhat celebrity to do so. any word on which cousin it might have been and where did you hear that?
Pedro Nuno wrote on February 11, 2009
Genedin, I have in my files because I found it over the internet years ago, and i was curious to see it after all the buzz surrounding it. So I save it to my files. It is still available nowadays. If you google "Elvis enquirer photo" you'll find the 1st page of the Enquirer with allegedly dead Elvis photo. But since then and until now I never cared much about it.
samcra wrote on February 11, 2009
genedin, the identity of the relative, as far as I know, has never been revealed. He/she used a very small concealed camera. (All cameras were expressly forbidden.) Thus, only that one picture. I can't give you the exact source of the information, but it was talked about for several yrs .after the death of Elvis. btw, The elitist Caroline Kennedy wrote about the funeral for Rolling Stone magazine, and it was in my opinion, not very complimentary . She described his sideburns as so long they almost reached his lips. Reading the article I felt the whole affair might be beneath her. One could tell she was not an Elvis fan... again, just my opinion.
samcra wrote on February 11, 2009
Just read a portion of the Rolling Stone article again. Maybe I'm I am being a bit harsh on Caroline Kennedy (I don't particular care for her) Her Quote was " his face appeared swollen and his sideburns reached his chin". I think that's a bit of an exaggeration . In any event, it didn't sit well with me at the time.