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1953 Humes Yearbook

February 08, 2009 | Book

Offered on eBay is an original Humes H. S. yearbook (1953) and it features a signed, inscribed entry from Elvis to one of his classmates.

Appearing on page 20, the salutation reads "Best of Luck to a Swell Guy [signed] Elvis."Henry Klein's inscription appears on pg. 8 and reads:

"It really has been great, Gene. I'll never forget this year. But always, George." Signature in white space, partially covering the yearbook photo of a very attractive girl Bonnie Sexton (Secretary of Correspondance). The signature and inscription appear against a blank, white background (uncorrupted by any printed text) the entire, clean scribing is about "8" in quality.

Source:Elvis Information Network
derekd wrote on February 08, 2009
Great to have a link to Elvis. Hume is my surname. Rock on Elvis.