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That's The Way It Is - Spanish Re-issue

February 07, 2009 | Music

The second CD in the spanish “La Vanguardia” (from Cataluña) newspaper series is out. This week's CD is "That's The Way It Is" (1992 remastered version). It comes with an illustrated 30 pages hardcover book with facts and liner notes on this album. 

NurELVISLAND wrote on February 07, 2009
Friends of mine in Spain tell me that the spanish newspaper falls short on their promise to send out this materials...Has anyone seen the booklet and information (detailed and correct??) they have printed ? Trustworthy Spain ?
dannyboy1 wrote on February 07, 2009
Ha! Look at the picture on the disc!
Coronel Parker wrote on February 08, 2009
Hey folks, what happen with Spain? This is a collection. All the cds have the same picture.
japio wrote on February 09, 2009
great. Good idea .Just like the idea in italy ( that serie is awsome with all the extra's in it). But when i go here to the supermarket . I 'll see every week a new book with a james bond car, book with harry Potter chessgame, book with some parts to build your own ship,ect. But not any book with dvd,cd or whatever. I asked the publisher if they do that here also. The answer was no. For me is it a great idea to sells this in the shops. Maybe the general public gets intersessed in the original elvis music. And not that stupid remix..........