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February 03, 2009 | Other

Just over half of the voters (55%) like the idea that FTD will release some vinyl re-issues too. Our new quickpoll concerns our own site. We try to make it even more interactive, but have no clue if you really want that. The use of the simple message system is below expactation and have a look for yourself at the picture of the week....

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Natha wrote on February 04, 2009
Maybe it is like the addition of readers comments on the songs. Initially there was hardly any response. Now the contributions are increasing. I for one found out it is very interesting as it reflects the mood of the members. Possibly the sm idea needs some time, as did sms and email. Howeverthe picture is not contributing I think, as I never read that I could contribute. Moreover one has to have books less or little known to others to share special photos.
sitdown68 wrote on February 04, 2009
as I once wrote to admin: maybe you would consider the possibility of a one time edit button? generally spoken, your participation oriented tendency is very apprecitated. features like the message tool allow to answer off topic and support personal contact among the visitors. you do very well with that. thankyou...thankyou very much. ;-)
lamp light wrote on February 04, 2009
This picture is horrible please have a little respect for the man i have a sense of humor as well as anyone else but this is terrible.
Natha wrote on February 04, 2009
Indeed! To find this picture on this esteemed site is an affront
EspenK wrote on February 05, 2009
Give the message system some time, we are just not used to it yet. It's a good feature. But what exactly do you mean by "interactive"? It's such a wide term and could mean almost anything we find on the internet...
ElvisNews wrote on February 05, 2009
Espen, we talk about interactivity like we just added. Extending the profile with an avatar, a "friends list" option (like in the social networks), more sort options when browsing the site, or whatever ideas one may come up with...
EspenK wrote on February 06, 2009
Ahh, community features. Hmmm... A simple user profile with basic info could be useful, details like age would put a users comments into perspective, for example. But there are so many community sites/forums out there now, with Facebook being the mother of them all. If I were you I'd try to develop this site into a different direction I think... With streaming media being the most obvious first thing I'd look into for a site like this.
EspenK wrote on February 07, 2009
What you are asking is really, "do you want us to do *anything* with the site" - a question impossible to answer, really. But for example, adding audio to your reviews would be extremely useful. That's a development I'd like to see. :)