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Hear Elvis In Glorious Mono

By ElvisNews.com., February 07, 2009 | Music

The second release from the Hotdog import label is out. Is it as glorious as the title wants us to believe?


The design has a nice “touch of the fifties”, too bad the big hotdog from the logo is featured so prominently on the cover. The very short liner notes inform us that the producers edited, remastered and remade some binaural tracks. It would be nice if the one-page booklet would have been a two-pages booklet with information on the editing of the individual tracks so I know what I got on this CD.



With two to nine (surround) speaker stereo sets available in stores the producers decided to go back to the original one speaker glorious mono sound. Playing this CD I must say the sound isn’t what I’m used too; Elvis, the band and backing vocalists are everywhere … I want them back where they belong, the right and left corner of my living room! I’m so used to the binaural sound with Elvis’ vocal on one channel and the band and vocalists on the other channel that I actually have a “hard time” listening to this reprocessed compilation.

This limited edition run of 500 copies features 28 alternate tracks. And all out-takes are edited; so no no false starts, no endless studio chatter, just complete alternates versions. On "Treat Me Nice" they forgot to edit the studiochatter which ends the song though.
Unfortunately these alternate verions are very close to the masters that I know that there isn't the amusement of a different sounding take that makes a compilation sound different from a standards SONY BMG compilation.


Let’s go back to glorious binaural!


I Got A Woman (take 7) - Heartbreak Hotel (take 6) - I´m Counting On You (spliced take) - I Was The One (take 2) - Lawdy Miss Clawdy (take 3) - Anyway You Want Me (take 12 master) - Anyplace Is Paradise (take 22 master) - Rip It Up (take 14) - Peace In The Valley (take 7) - I Beg Of You (take 6) - Loving You (take 22) - Got A Lot A Livin´ To Do (take D 17) - It Is No Secret (take 3) - Blueberry Hill (take 7) - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (take 3) - Is It So Strange (spliced take) - Mean Woman Blues (take BX 7) - I Need You So (take 8 master) - Jailhouse Rock (take 4) - Treat Me Nice (take 3 first movie version) - I Want To Be Free (take 11 record version) - My Wish Came True (take 8 master) - King Creole (take 18 alternate master) - Doncha Think It´s Time (take 48) - Danny (take 10 master) - A Big Hunk O´ Love (take 2) - A Fool Such As I (take 5) - I Got Stung (take 20).



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SnOwMan wrote on February 07, 2009
"Hear Elvis-fakes In Glorious Mono". Another release from the Netherlands... and this time a crappy one. $$$$$ By the way,the cover doesn't look good. It's dated and average at best. There were much better covers even in the terrible 80's (Essential Elvis series,Greatest Hits vol.1.,Elvis Forever 32 Hits,The Number One Hits etc.) Though for a home-made CD it's O.K. 1-page "booklet"? Oh my gosh...
Jerome-the-third wrote on February 07, 2009
hey Snowman, did I press a repeat-button or something?..
Zoltan84 wrote on February 08, 2009
Does this CD contain unreleased outtakes? NO! Is the sound quality better than on the FTD's,mastered by Kevan Budd? NO! Is the front cover nicer than the Loving You/E.P. S.E./500000 E.P. Fans Can't Be Wrong FTD covers? NO! Is the booklet thicker than the Loving You/E.P. S.E./500000 E.P. Fans Can't Be Wrong FTD booklets? NO! So why would we buy this? It's just an inferior version of the BMG and FTD CD's we already have.
HangLoose wrote on February 08, 2009
I won't buy this. There are much better CD's to spend my money on. (Sunset Rundown,A Hilton Double-Shot,Hillcrest Blues,The Brightest Star On Sunset Boulevard,Countdown To Christmas,Red-Hot In Richmond,A Greensboro Revolution etc.)
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on February 09, 2009
Why back to mono, I have a version of "Love me Tender" in glorious stereo it makes a lot of difference.Some of the titles above are in stereo,that's what we want !
JungeElvisfan wrote on February 12, 2009
Good selection of different versions of songs, but we, young fans do not have the money to keep buying this material (although I like the alternative takes of RipItUp, Anyplace is paradise and TreatMeNicemovieversion). Does it mean that his second album will not be released with its fabulous and historic hits and outtakes (on FTD ?) It would be nice to have those all together in digipacks of JRock (together with LmeT z.B.) and Elvis (2nd album) and KCreole (all outtakes together and also movie versions).