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Elvis Themed Movie Hounddog Due On DVD

February 07, 2009 | Video

The controversial 2007 movie "Hounddog", starring Dakota Fanning, is scheduled for release on DVD later this month. The story is about a young girl who tries to escape an unhappy homelife through the music of Elvis Presley.

Controversy erupted over a rape scene in the movie after it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. The controversy spread, primarily being criticized coast to coast by people who have not seen it. 

The song "Hound Dog" has a varied history. Originally a blues tune, about a half-dozen country acts recorded it before the words were rewritten, Elvis heard a band sing it in Las Vegas and decided to record it himself. Elvis' version topped the pop, R&B and country charts.

FLASHBOY wrote on February 09, 2009
Criticized by people that din't see the movie What the hell! before criticized something at least get your information and do it after. The movie is awsome and the young actress Dakota Fanning is absolutely Amazing she deserve a grammy for her prestation. I saw the movie so i can criticized it right.
FLASHBOY wrote on February 09, 2009
haha not a grammy but an oscar a golden globe whatever