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Unique Post Card For Sale On eBay

January 27, 2009 | Other

Offered for sale on eBay is a possibly unique post card signed by Elvis and posted on January 15th 1955 (using a 2 cent stamp). It is addressed to Al Robinson KSYL Alexandria La. The post card was taped in Al's scrap book so there are some tape marks on the edge. Robinson tells the story about the postcard and about the only booking of an Elvis show he ever did (for 165 dollars) on the eBay listing.

The post card reads

"Dear Al.

Your a heart breaker if you don't help me with my "Milk Cow Blues Boogie."

Sun Records

Thanks Elvis Presley"

In case you're wondering; the itemnumber is 330303498726, bidding begins at 250,000 $US.

Sean Ryan wrote on January 28, 2009
A unique item but is anyone seriously gonna put a minimum bid in of $250,000?? I doubt it very much.
samcra wrote on January 28, 2009
I agree. Nice piece of Elvis memorabilia, but no way will it bring anything close to that kind of money.
dgirl wrote on January 28, 2009
anyone who bids on this should have their head examined. contribute to world hunger instead!
Viva wrote on January 29, 2009
250k ? No chance.
elvisfan1958 wrote on January 30, 2009
Any fool that bids $250,000.00 for this, has more dollars than sense.